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  • was a record year of snow & cold for Idaho.
    After 17 years of being ill, I had my worst winter of pain, fatigue
    and depression. Thankfully, SPRING has arrived in Tatorland.
    I'm getting out going to granddaughter's LaCross games and
    another granddaughter's Track & Field. My spirits are UP. ;o)
    LaCross is a interesting game to learn.
    smiles to you, TallyAnn Ash
    Hi Gal,
    I'm Tash.....boy I had a rough week. but woke up feeling a little
    better today. grateful. how are you today?

    Hi ,
    I finally discovered how to use this...LOL. Idaho has record SNOW/coldness
    and I had a rough winter. It's warmer up a bit now. I use Lyrica for my pain....
    it doesn't work for everyone but it works for me.

    hope you are having a Good day, smiles.
    sure....would love a new friend. I just got a cortisone
    shot in my right knee. It feels much better.
    Idaho has had a record snow/COLD which was hard
    on my Fibro. I'm's starting to warm up. smiles Tash
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