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    4th day on Cymbalta and I need advice

    Try to give it 2 months of a test run. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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    FMS; Now CF too

    I applaud you for giving Cymbalta another try. Hang in there with it. As you probably remember, it will make you very tired and sleepy for days while your body gets used to the new happenings it's doing in you. Stick with it. It gets better in a couple of weeks. We are here for you. Write...
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    Fibro patients have a lot of anxiety to deal with. Are you mistaking jealousy for anxiety? Just an idea.
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    Weight gain

    Ouch! Sciatica is the WORST for aiding in exercise lol I understand your troubles. Are you on a medication for fibro? That could be another culprit of the weight gain conspiracy. Hang in there. Keep doing what you're doing. It's the right thing. Keep us posted.
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    I have enjoyed all of your posts and comments. Thank you so much for bringing a level-headed...

    I have enjoyed all of your posts and comments. Thank you so much for bringing a level-headed perspective to play in this forum. Love it! Christen
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    4th day on Cymbalta and I need advice

    I completely 120% agree that four days is not enough of a time period to judge whether it's going to work for you. Give it three months. Yes,new medications are a lifechanging event. It's okay. People will understand. It will pass. Your body is getting used to such a strong medication for...
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    Hmm this would explain the weight gain now that you mentioned this!!! And i've broken my ankle twice since being on it due to clumsiness! Glad you posted. Thanks.
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    Great week

    Do you guys believe it's the weather changing that has prompted these good days? Is this a possibility?
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    one blissful day ...

    Rub lavendar oil on your temples for a headache/migraine! Trust me. It works!!! Sorry you were in so much pain.......but glad you felt relief on a ten times more level after the migraine!!! =) Did your diet change to bring this good day on? How was your stress level or sleep routine? Wonder...
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    Good comment Sagey! Love that.
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    As much as sweating is an annoying symptom, I would take that over some other side effects!
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    Great week

    I'm so happy for you! Nice job on your hard work of taking care of youself! It really proves to show how we treated ourselves, days later it comes about in how much pain we have. Sleep is a big factor. If you can't sleep you will no doubt have pain. Our bodies are tense on those nonsleep...
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    Glad you're happy =)
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    How to get started?

    Lou38-So sorry to hear they dissapointed and saddened you! Sometimes you have to be 5 steps ahead of the doctor and/or treat yourself! Having said that, I personally have found more luck with staying up on a healthy diet, drenching myself in lavendar oil, taking inflammation reducing...
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    Awful Hand Pain

    Sounds like you have a lot of inflammation in your hands (among other things going on) is it pretty swollen when its painful? If so, have you tried taking a Tumeric supplement? Great for inflammation and sleep among a zillion other wonderful benefits. Also for inflammation Collagen is a great...