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    no I think it may be from stress Im hoping
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    geezo pete

    Man everyone, I have just not been feeling it lately, my hands feel like they are trying to break out in blisters again, I seen my GP today because I had to finish up my childhood vaccinations, so my immune system is 2 years old today, but any way I talked to and showed my hands from last time...
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    Hey lets have some fun

    Im sorry I didnt mean to offend anyone we can use random places I just thought it would be fun to get everyone involved
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    Hey lets have some fun

    Hello all, I just thought it would be fun to play that game geography you start the game with a state, or country and the next person comes up with one that the prior one ended in, so to get us started Ill put where Iam from and hopefully you will join in . Ok so I am from: Iowa so the next...
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    Full time work

    thankyou so much for your support
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    My doctor has suggested savella along with my lyrica but it is one Iam still researching if you do try it let me know how it is doing for you, I have often had the feelings you are having because you get tired of being in pain you get to thinking what kind of quality of life am I going to be...
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    Its offical

    Work has gone wonderful so far, Im trying to stay optimistic, I am also trying to take it easier on myself, Iam the type of person that gets in a zone when Im doing something and just go to town almost to the point to where I feel shaky and my legs feel like rubber and then I have to sit or lay...
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    Brain fog

    I have decided to get a calendar planner to write everything down I did it before and it really helped.
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    I am having one of those dragging, lagging nausea days no matter what you eat or don't eat that icky feeling stays with you all day. Hey I have another question for everyone have you ever experienced extremely itchy blister like spots on your hands I have had them before but about 3 days ago I...
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    Its raining its poring

    Its raining here today and my hands are feeling it the most today, I don't think this winter is going to fare well for me, my body is really reacting a lot to the change in the weather. Ive been meaning to try some of the supplements that people have suggested but keep forgetting every time I am...
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    Full time work

    Well my first night of work is tomorrow night yikeso_O I hope it goes well .
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    Whats this about?

    Yeah that would be all I need is something else to deal with , I will definitely ask my doc I have an appt. the 18th
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    Its offical

    Well I start my orientation for my new job tomorrow, I am very nervous of course about when the actual work starts because I dont want to trigger any flare ups . Hope all goes well, I'll let ya all know crossing my fingers.