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  • Hi cmetryme was you that sent a friend request if so I'm not sure if I've done it right lol can you let me no please diane
    I noticed in a thread that you mentioned you take pain medication stronger than oxy. Is it okay if I ask what it is? I'm currently non 20mg of oxy a day (tapered down from 40mg because of side effects) and I'm wanting to talk to my doctor about alternatives with other pain medicine.
    Hi there and welcome
    I'm new to and just wanted to share my journey and how I am over coming my fibromyalgia

    8 months ago I researched natural remedies and came across a company called forever living
    They dedicated themselves in producing aloe Vera drinks and supplements

    I researched them more to see if they could help me with anything to help with pain energy migraines

    And yes they do.
    I now take
    Forever freedom drinking gel to help with stiffness pain of my joints
    Bee pollen for energy
    Heat lotions for restless legs at night and my foggy fibromyalgia heads

    I have now been using for 8 months and I can honestly say wow I have my life back!
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