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    New here. Was wondering if you all noticed what I noticed...

    Hi emmett518. I stopped eating grains, sugar, dairy and nightshades 7 years ago because I was seeing alternative doctors and they told me to. I could barely get out of bed. Now I can garden and cook with limited pain. Also decided to cut out processed food. My husband who is 77 feels great and...
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    Finger prick test

    Here it is and I see the date is 2013? Summary:Researchers have developed a reliable way to use a finger-stick blood sample to detect fibromyalgia syndrome, a complicated pain disorder that often is difficult to diagnose
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    Finger prick test

    Just got email from science daily and they claim there's a test where they prick your finger and can see under a microscope a tiny molecule that signals that you have fibromyalgia. I hope it's soon so new people to fibro can get diagnosed easier and way earlier than us.
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    Found relief from hot flashes!

    I watch alot of videos when I'm stuck in bed and may have confused which one. Might of been the homestead one. I'll look and find it. I take magnesium at night for my feet and leg cramps (hasn't really helped). But the egg shells alone have made a huge difference for me as far as hot flashes go...
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    Found relief from hot flashes!

    Go to utube and search for Rain Country, then egg shells for hot flashes. There are a few people with videos on using egg shells. I'm loving this. One problem down only a few hundred to go with fibromyalgia, hasimotos, nueropathy, arthritis, and old age. Lol (((gentle hugs)))
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    Found relief from hot flashes!

    This sounded crazy to me but feeling desperate I tried it. Egg shells! May not work for all but worth a try. I am so happy to not have to deal with my hot flashes. It's been 2 days and if I feel one coming I grab a capsule of crushed egg shells. You need to make sure they are organic then boil...
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    Car travel

    I'm lucky, we have a mini van and can make a bed in the back if need be. Gel pillows help with my hips. There are alot of foam pillows in different shapes that sometimes help too.
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    Living with Hashimoto's and fibromyalgia

    I just read that NP thyroid pills are on their 3rd recall. I think I might go the natural way and ween off and use food instead.
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    Living with Hashimoto's and fibromyalgia

    Thank you Tracy I will look into that thyroid pill. I'm on levo something or other and one of the side effects is joint pain and I've been watching alot if utube videos on how to get off the medicine. I'm with you on food as medicine but tell me can you eat tomatoes? Wish I could although the no...
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    Clothing sensitivity

    There are some great bras without those awful wires. Pretty sure Bali has some good ones. As for underwear there's breathable from fruit of the loom that are comfy. Also if you get alot of hot flashes look for moisture wicking clothes and pjs.
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    I'm tired

    I'm so sorry jasper_b. I myself went through the whole doctor not believing what I was telling them 7 years ago so I found alternative doctors. I don't know where you live but there quite a few here. I'm in the Reno area. They really helped me to understand what is happening and how to deal...
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    Digestive Problems (IBS)

    If you get off dairy read the ingrediants of the non dairy milks. If you see alot of gums you will have gas and bloating. There's a video on utube that shows you how to make your own almond milk in about a minute or 2. Just raw organic almonds, almond butter and water. Read ingrediants of...
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    Welcome Christa, sorry you have to be here but it can be helpful. It's been about 7 years for me and still figuring things out. It's hard but try to stay positive. There are lots of things you'll find will help you and lots that don't. Hang in! (((gentle hugs)))
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    Thank you all very much. We rescued a little girl from the pound. Her dad had to go to a home. She is so tiny and sweet. My little Chewy is happy to have a sister again. Her name is Peanut, 6yrs. 7lbs.
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    Had an extremely bad week. We had 4 little dogs, Moon the pug was very old but not in pain so hoped she would pass at home, Chloe (chihuahua/dachshund had heart murmur and we had just had her in for a checkup, her sister Sadie never separated from each other. And last there's Chewy...