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  • Hi, my name is hannah and I've partnered with a company that make products that help with your condition. Its 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you so you have nothing to lose.
    I joined cause it's helped me and so many other people I know. I hate to see people suffer hence I'd love to help you. Please let me know if you might be interested.*I'm not trying to sell stuff
    Just recommending.
    Many thanks.
    Yes! Sounds like you are on the right path....man, is kefir an unappealing taste! I'm trying to learn to love it but so far...no dice! I'm doing fodmap diet, now that you mention it I think there was stuff about fermented foods. I will have to revisit in light of your results. My recent changes have taken my pain from a 4 to a 2. Difference between moping around and being functional. I also heard that eating paleo could be a good option but I haven't ventured there yet....guess we can have protein lacking so it makes sense paleo would be helpful. You are very insightful so early in the process! I have no doubt what we face is totally a gut thing. I was hoping diet could beat it all but I think the multifaceted nature is going to require multiple fronts of attack...mild exercise, stretching, meditation, positive outlook and the realization that what was may never be again but fight on! I hope you get the answers you are seeking. Thanks for reaching out!
    Hey dark chocolate! Eating healthy is a key thing, I've figured out over the past few years. If you eat only crap, you will feel like crap. It sucks because sometimes I just wanna say screw this and eat a bunch of pizza rolls. But, I don't. Because I want to feel better. Good luck with your journey and I'm here for any support you might need!
    Part 2: I will continue to eat healthy and get plenty of rest. Fatigue isn't a problem (thank goodness) and I seem to be sleeping really well since I started the Lyrica. I dream every night and someone told me that was good because I into the REM cycle or something to that effect.
    DK, I am sorry but I just saw your messages. Was I supposed to get an email notification or something? Regardless, thank you for sharing so much of your story. It helps to read how fibromyalgia is affecting others and how they deal with it.

    I noticed yesterday that I felt better but today after being stressed about my job I felt like the Lyrica wasn't working as well and my muscles were bothering me more. After seeing your messages maybe it was stress and not the Lyrica. I was also anxious about my referral to the rheumatologist. The doctor's office called this morning and my appointment is February 1. I am asking for another referral to a doctor who can see me the end of November.

    There is so much to learn, if in fact, I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
    (this is part 2 because I ran into a size limit)
    My doctor has put me on flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) and it is working very well for me. I also swim, walk, control stress and pace myself. Stress reduction is really important too. You can't afford any extra stress in your life with this condition.

    I can now function at work and at home with some minor accommodations as long as I don't overdo it. I always feel some level of pain in my hand and feet. In addition I get sporadic pains throughout my body. The sporadic pain usually isn't too bad, though. I don't feel like fibromyalgia is progressing, other than that big flare up in May.

    Good luck with at the rheumatologist. Try not to worry too much. Anxiety both a symptom of fibromyalgia and a trigger. When my symptoms are bad, I get very anxious, which make my symptoms worse. Try to stay out of that spiral if you can. Either way the blood test go, it is good to find out the results.
    Hi darkchocolate, about 3 months or so before my diagnosis, I noticed slight pain in my knuckles and wrists when I used my hands. I assumed it was from overuse. The pain slowly became more intense, but I tried to carry on as normal. Last May the pain increased suddenly and exponentially to the point that I could not perform simple tasks. Now that I could not ignore the pain I realized it was symmetrical and seemed to be in my joints. The pain had also spread to my elbows, feet, ankles and knees. I was really worried I had rheumatoid arthritis and finally went to the doctor. It was agonizing to wait for the test results. When everything came back healthy, the rheumatologist said it was fibromyalgia.
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