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  • Tramadol helps.. Diclofenac did but unfortunately I started pooping blood this few days. Doctor said I should stop taking diclofenac. They're not good for stomach and can cause ulcer. So for now, I take tramadol.
    Do most of FMS patients quit their job? I have thoughts of quitting my study. I went see my Head of Campus but he wants me to strive until I graduate. I was sent to counselor but it did not help me because I'm not depressed. I guess doctors here still not familiar with FMS. It's also not included in the list of disabling conditions. I'm on tramadol and diclofenac. The side effects are bad but endurable. I pray for all of us. I hope one day someone find the cure for this illness.
    Thank God. Someone saw my posts. I dont know what is going on with my body. The pain is terrible. I never experienced this kind of pain before. I felt like dying on my first day period, I got painful headache, and my whole body is in pain. How u cope with this suffer?
    There is a company called Melaleuca that offers products that would be great to you.

    All products come with a 60 day money back guarantee if you don't find them useful. So you have nothing to lose.

    I can introduce you to them as you can't find them in the shops.
    Hi , I'm new to this forum and only joined because I'm trying to help people. I can recommend a few products that can help you as it has helped a few other people with the same problem you have.
    Please let me know if you'll be interested. Am not trying to sell you stuff, just recommending.
    Cheers x
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