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    Hello darling how are u. All ready for Xmas .not heard from u I. A while so wanted to see if u are ok
    Thank you so much for responding to my post. I was wondering where exactly your burning pain was on your hands and feet? My hands don't burn but it is the tops of my feet and ankles. Here recently the burning goes up my shins.

    Has your fibromyalgia progressed to other parts of your body?

    At times I just can't believe I have fibromyalgia because from the stories I read my case must be very mild. I can function, I just know it isn't normal to feel this way. Especially since I seem to be getting worse.

    I am anxious to see the rheumatologist Tuesday. I am not really expecting answers because the neurologist told me he will probably want to do more blood work and that will be another waiting period to find out anything. I have gotten use to going back for follow up appointments just to hear, everything is normal.

    How are you getting along now?
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