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    What type of doctor have you benefited the most from?

    I would have to say my pain doc has been the most help. Initially I started going to him for the three ruptured discs in my low back and then we began discussing the fibro. He said in his opinion there is no "magic pill" for the fibro symptoms; he already had me on an opiate, a muscle...
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    Hello from Indiana

    Well hey Harpert, it's nice to see another Hoosier on here. That really sux with your doctor and insurance situation. I consider myself to be so wonderfully blessed with the insurance I have, it is really sad our quality of medical care comes down to what insurance we have. I had not had...
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    Craving sweets??

    Does anyone else here crave sweets to the point you think you will loose your mind if you don't get your hands on something gooey and sweet?? I try to not keep a lot of sweets in the house especially pastries. Ever once in a while I get a craving so bad I put some peanut butter in a small bowl...
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    New here, asking for help finding specialist

    Check with your local physician's listing and also with your nearest hospital; they can tell you what specialty each physician practices and possibly from there you can find a pain specialist. You will probably have to do some leg work and make some phone calls but if you can find a doctor it...
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    Hello from Indiana

    Hi, I'm new here, joined today; new to the site but NOT new to fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed around 2003 but I think I had it much longer than that because of symptoms I had for 5-6 years before I was formally diagnosed. I went into it full blown and had what I consider to be the absolute...