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  • I thought I was having a flare. I have been having pain in my right hand. After many doctor visits and tests I finally got the RA diagnosis. Then I went online and read fibro and RA have similar symptoms. I just lost my dad to Alzheimers three weeks ago so it was whats next. At this moment I feel like crap, my right hand hurts like hell. My day consists of getting out of bed and then to the couch. I begin treatment for RA Monday which will probably mess up my IBS. The one thing that l feel positive about is the Rheumatologist treating me for RA also treats fibro so I'm hoping he can help me in that regard. With fibro anything, no matter how small can be huge. I am going to see a therapist because I think everyone should. I am greatful for having a wonderful husband that understands what I am going through. Good luck to you!
    PS I had a heck of a time replying to you, your message could not be seen when trying to reply
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