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    Great Book for FM/CFS Suffers

    Hi: I feel it is important that I share this information with you, I am certain that anyone with FM/CFS/ME will gain a wealth of knowledge from this book. It is called "CFS Unravelled" by Dan Neuffer.] The auther lives in Austrailia and they use the phrase "CFS" for fibromyalgia as well as...
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    Tampa, Florida support group

    Re: Tampa, Florida Hi Janet: I am behind on my emails, but you sent me a question regarding setting up a FM support group at the YMCA. I started my group almost 5 years ago and I have only positive things to say about doing it. I used to start my support group. It is a very...
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    Tampa, Florida support group

    Hi: I am excited to find this new support system for those of us suffering from FMS. I have been running a support group for over four years in Tampa. It is a difficult task, but very rewarding. I am excited to share this site with my members. I look forward to getting to know some of you...