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    Where do you have the worst pain

    My upper back is the absolute worst. I try different yoga stretches to get rid of the pain but it is always there 24/7. My legs come in as second. Often my muscles will just twitch on their own. Fun to watch. lol
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    Medical Marijuana

    I have used it for breakthrough pain. I have a diffuser since smoking can harm your lungs. When I am in a huge flareup, I use it and within an hour the fibro fog is lifted and the searing pain is decreased from a ten to about a two. I have a few friends who use it recreationally, one is an...
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    I am tired just about every day. I actually quit drinking caffeine in preparation for a surgery that I'm having and after two weeks of withdrawals I can safely say that I feel less tired. Kind of ironic but I think maybe caffeine is not the friend we tend to think it is. I make sure to lay...
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    how many of you use pain meds?

    I am on Paxil, Neurontin and flexeril for my fibromyalgia pain. Without Neurontin I would not be able to walk because my legs feel like they are 100 pounds each. I use flexeril to get me from 2pm to 5pm when I'm done with work. I'm still in pain even on all of these meds but it is...
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    What to do?

    Do you take Cymbalta? It was a wonderdrug for me for the first few months and then I started having really bad stomach pains. Ended up in the hospital twice with bad stomach pains. I hope they get to the bottom of it!
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    Side Effects of Pain Meds?

    The worst side effect of my Paxil and Neurontin is weight gain. No matter what I do I can't seem to shed these extra pounds that crept up on me when I started taking them.
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    Time of day hits you more

    When I am in a flare-up I wake up fuzzy and in pain. When it is a normal day I am ok in the morning and by that magical hour of two pm I am done. I still work so I take a muscle relaxer and two tylenol and trudge through the rest of the day. After I make dinner and do the dishes I go to bed...
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    Hi, anyone more miserable than me?

    Hello and welcome. I am new here as well and have to say you are not alone. I too live the life of a hermit, not socializing, never able to make plans since I never know if I will be sick. All I can say is forgive yourself and take care of you.
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    Medical Marijuana

    I live in the state of Massachusetts and we recently passed a law legalizing the use of medical marijuana. I spoke to my doctor about it and she said as soon as the system is set up she will get me a card for it since it is known to help fibromyalgia symptoms. Do any of you live in a state...
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    Could those be symptoms of fibromyalgia?

    The only true way a doctor can tell if you have Fibromyaglia is to test if you have many of the trigger points in your body. Unfortunately there are no blood tests that can diagnose this disease. Your symptoms do resemble this disease but they could also resemble a few other illnesses such as...
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    Sleeping problems

    I used to but then my Rheumatologist gave me a prescription for flexeril. I take it every night with a lorazepam and I'm out in ten minutes and don't wake until my alarm goes off. It's a wonderful little pill. =)
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    Beginning the Disability Process with SSD

    I wish you all the best. I don't have much information other than it is common to be denied and then win on appeal. That being said, my sister applied a year ago and got accepted the first time around so there is hope. Also, it's not much money once you do get accepted and you have to wait a...
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    Hi, I am curious if anyone has tried acupuncture for their fibromyalgia. I had three treatments and saw a drastic improvement in my shoulder and arm pain but sadly it was too expensive me to keep up the treatments.
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    Time it took for DX

    It took several years for me to be diagnosed. During that time the doctors thought that I had Lupus so a whole string of tests were performed on me every three months. Honestly I almost wish it had been Lupus so that I could actually get something that would work to make it go into remission...
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    Hello, I am a victim of Fibromyalgia. I live in Boston, MA and have been diagnosed for about three years now. I look forward to contributing to this site and to learning different tricks people have up their sleeves to minimize the pain.