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    I think I found the cause!

    Hi Andreap! Thanks for the reply. So, at this point, I think it might be MS since I took a Xanax, which just made things worse. So, whatever I have is not psychological. I am getting a MRI on Tuesday. I read that book on fibromyalgia though, and it says you can pretty much cure it with diet and...
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    dietary measures

    I have always been lactose intolerant. I'm in the process of cutting out gluten, soy, tree-nuts, and processed sugar. I had a reaction today from soy. Fibromyalgia is definitely food-related. I read the book The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum last night and did quite a...
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    I think I found the cause!

    Hi, so I was convinced I had leaky gut syndrome for the past month or so, probably due to celiac disease. It doesn't look like I have celiac, so I thought next that this has to be leaky gut. Now I got a book from the library about fibromyalgia, and I am watching a YouTube video on it and OMG...