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    COVID Anxiety

    Given that the government is pushing vaccines for children below 1 7years old, are you willing to take the risk for your grandchildren to be vaccinated?
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    COVID Anxiety

    Oh, thank you for your sweet thoughts. Recently, I'm planning to be vaccinated. Which do you think is better, astra or pfizer? Do you think its the right thing to do to lessen my worries?
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    Need tips to control stress levels

    Try to divert your attentions by doing proactive activities like cycling, jogging or gardening. Do something that would make you happy and would help you boost your mood.
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    sleep problems and using a weighted blanket.

    I prefer weighted blankets too whatever the weather is. Its making more comfortable thus, I can really rest well. I've read that the deep pressure of the blanket is used to stimulate production of mood boosting hormones.
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    Query Fibromyalgia

    Its kinda similar but, better seek professional advice just to be sure. Remembering my first time to encounter this, I'm so confused because I thought its just simply muscle pain.
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    COVID Anxiety

    Hi all. Thanks for your responses. I appreciate them. I admit I kind of lost it for a bit there, but I can't help it. This pandemic is getting worse and it's making me more depressed. I wish I could just snap my fingers and it's all gone.
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    Question about kinds of pain

    Good to know this.
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    18 and chronically ill

    Hi Jack! Hope you're doing great. Just stopping by to remind you to smile!
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    Looking forward to picking peoples brains :)

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Constant pain

    Hey Trev. Hope you're feeling great. Hang in there, All will be well.
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    COVID Anxiety

    Hello, I'm not sure of this is the right trend but, hoping you'll help me. I've read that for people with chronic illness in particular, have high likelihood of having a concurrent mental health disorder may be exacerbated by their vulnerability to severe illness from COVID-19. Recently, a...
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    Feel like "torchy the battery boy " from long ago

    Hang in there! Yup, tomorrow will be better! Always a new day...
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    Seeking people I can talk to

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum. It's always great to have someone new to talk to in the community.
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    Hello fellow sufferers

    Welcome! I'm not too bad. Hope you are well. Welcome to the site and I'm hoping to see you around!
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    Looking forward to picking peoples brains :)

    Hello back! Welcome. I'm looking forward to read your post.