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    Life After COVID-19

    But seriously, do you believe the conspiracies on the internet? Like Bill Gates did this whole thing?
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    Life After COVID-19

    Understood. Can't blame you. It's getting crazier and scarier out there. I think the smartest thing to do right now is to stay at home.
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    Cross Stitch!

    My aunt did a cross stitch when she was in Oregon. It's like a 4x4 and framed. She's selling it now because it reminds her of her late husband.
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    Apps or Games to Pass the Time

    Those are good games. Why would I laugh. I appreciate the recommendations guys. I recently discovered wordscapes. It's a challenging and addictive word game.
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    Don’t make the same mistake I made

    Why do some people think of abusing drugs that could have helped like CBD.
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    Undiagnosed and tired of being tired.

    I hope you'd be diagnosed because that's really the first step for knowing which treatment will work best for you.
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    Covid 19 Vaccination with FM/CFS

    Me too, that's why I really am having second thoughts.
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    Apps or Games to Pass the Time

    Wow, that's something new. Gotta try it. Sounds like something I'd love. Thanks so much!
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    Hi. How many of you have a jello type feeling in your legs.

    I feel that as well. Not as frequent as some would think though.
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    Mental Health and Fibro?

    Eating fruits instead of artificial sweeteners is life-changing. Figured it diminishes the anxious feeling and depression, too.
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    Springtime flare-ups

    I guess extreme weather temperatures give the flares as some have in the cold weather.
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    Frozen Appendages

    Thick socks, thick clothes, bonnet, and warm to hot soup do the trick for me. Also, if it's daylight, I make sure I get sunlight.
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    Hello from Nashville

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum and I hope you find this place great as I do. Most of us feel isolated somehow, but we're here for each other so see you around!
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    Apps or Games to Pass the Time

    I wonder if you guys have any recommendations for apps or games? I was thinking of something that would provide brain exercise and fun at the same time. I read a lot of books already, and sometimes I just want to lie down and tap on my phone. Any recommendations are appreciated. Many thanks!
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    Struggled for almost 4 years.

    This is an interesting read. However, I could not answer your question.