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    Lady gaga

    Well I didn’t know lady gaga had fibromyalgia.its sad,but in one way maybe she can help our fight,we need ppl in the spot light.
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    First post back hehe.been away forever.well 7months. Ladys.does anyone find your periods are messed up with fibromyalgia. I seem to have constant period pain.and it’s driving me nuts, I have the coil.and it’s been great,but this time round I still get a period which is fine.but I never get rid...
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    Feeling Hopelessly Adrift

    Hay a mum of 3teensand as an older mum of a 6 year old,I no how hard life it.fibro tends to ebb and flow.some days are ok. Some days are rotten,most of us hurt everyday.and it really is a battle against your own body.and most importantly your own mind. The thing to remember is,this is...
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    Dr say brain fog is just depression

    I did not have any memory problems until I got fibromyalgia.
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    a new symptom of fibro - jaw pain!

    I find yawning very painful in the mornings.left really hurts my ear and jaw. I've had this the last few weeks.yawning with your mouth shut isn't easy.
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    Weird hand jerks

    Happens to me all the time.its fibro my friend,and u can get it anywhere on your body.
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    Ty yes she told me x
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    Does anyone know I feel willows ok.not seen her post for a while.
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    My finger.

    Hay sagey we don't have Tylenol here.,funny thing is it's gone now.just like fibro,
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    My finger.

    Omg my ring finger is killing me.its so painful even blowing on it hurts.i have know idea why,I haven't banged it.i can only,imagine it's the joy of fibromyalgia again. They rest of my hand is fine.😟
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    Oh Doctor Doctor You Know What It Is!

    Welcome to the family.its as Vicky say it's a long hard road,some days I can walk as soon as I wake up.some days I can hardly stand.i suffer from stiffness,it's the one thing I get more the anything ,shoulder pain back pain leg pain,and headache,.always stiffness it never leaves me.
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    Hello, I'm new here too , living drug free with FM nice to meet you all!

    Welcome to the family,sagey is right ,blackouts are not apart of fibromyalgia,panic attacks and blood pressure or even heart problems can make you pass really should get looked at by a dr Or saying u have any of those,but it's not normal to pass out.
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    Had very bad news

    Thankyou for all your kind words of comfort.mum is still waiting but we now know she has two leaking valves,I can't imagine what stage 234 must be like.she can't even make it down the garden.once we have a date for her.and once I get my letter saying weather or not I have support allowance,then...
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    Had very bad news

    My pain is mum who we thought was just having a bad chest infection,which she did ,turns out she is in the first stage of heart failure, Can't turn off,we have a week to a two week wait for the heart dr,and of course if she gets bad before we would send her in the uk ,unless your...
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    How can you describe your fatigue?

    I feel like my body is made out of lead.awful feeling.