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    Dealing with doctors that don't care

    I don't know what RSD or CRPS is, but Fibro sucks. Either way, welcome. Sorry to hear about bad luck with doctors. Some just don't know how to help, others are morons.... too many morons practicing! Ugh. Great idea on the petition. Hello and welcome :)
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    Do I really have this?

    Oh no! Is it possible to reach out to anyone in person? Please do! You CAN get through this and things CAN be done to manage your pain and how you feel! <3 *hugs*
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    Hi there *waves*

    That's how I feel about drugs. I absolutely do not want them, BUT if I would die without them and that's the ONLY thing to keep me alive, yeah, I'd take them. But since this is not the case at all, I'm not starting with drugs! I start my aquatic PT tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. We'll see...
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    Call Out for Those Suffering This "Achy Week"

    It's toasty here, indeed! I plan on going for a nice walk after I do some homework. I have no intentions of letting this thing limit my life at all or force me on a bunch of drugs. Luckily, my boyfriend is very supportive and helpful. He pushes me, but in an encouraging way. If I really can't do...
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    thoughts ?

    Sigh... I have many similar symptoms, and I was just diagnosed last Tuesday. I've been through numerous MRIs, a CT, X-rays, more blood work than I can explain, a spinal tap (that went badly and my spinal fluid wouldn't stop leaking, so I vomited and was in excruciating pain for 12 days and then...
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    Do I really have this?

    Hmmm. I agree with you that it sounds like your pain does have specific causes, though based on your descriptions, it sounds like your body is more sensitive to pain/reacts with pain much sooner than most. Based on the other things you describe, yeah, it's totally possible that you have...
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    Call Out for Those Suffering This "Achy Week"

    Thanks! You too <3. I'm a hop skip and a jump to the other side of the state from you :). So I know, it's been like that here too. I'm rather dismayed. I LOVE the rain. Like, one of my favorite things is to stand outside when it's hot out and raining with no shoes on and just play around...
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    No doctor really cares

    Agreed with 1sweed and mariposa about the vocoder; that's dangerous to take on a long term basis. Not just because of addiction, but it can decalcify your bones and they will literally crumble. My step aunt, who also has fibromyalgia, recently had that happen. Scary scary stuff. That and before...
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    Is fibro over-diagnosed

    What a prick! Yes, I know people with fibro and other painful diseases who have been hit with that.... such a bunch of crap. I would've went off on the guy...
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    Is fibro over-diagnosed

    lol every time I have a bad experience with a doctor, my dad reminds me of that! That the doctor with the lowest grades and the doctor with the highest grades are all still doctors!
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    Is fibro over-diagnosed

    Absolutely! It's used sometimes as "well, iunno, so yeah, you got fibro" and sometimes a doctor will even refuse to acknowledge that fibromyalgia is real!
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    What did you do after you were diagnosed?

    Ok! I was just curious because I've only recently heard of it on Lyrica commercials. Thanks for the information!
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    What kind of specialist?

    Agreed with the above.... neurologist and rheumatologist. That combination is what got me diagnosed and on the path to managing this.
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    YES but I'm not sure if it's due to fibro or not. I have sinus problems, and I've been getting dizzy fairly often for *years*. I've only been suffering due to the fibro for three months. However, many times in the last three months it goes beyond normal dizzy for me; I'll be standing or walking...
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    Anyone else have overstimulation trouble?

    Same about the alcohol! I am by no means a lightweight.... if I'm out with friends partying, I can have around 6 beers and a few shots. I'm drunk at that point, but not sick or falling over or blacking out or anything bad like that. One night last week, I had three very light hard apple ciders...