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    Anyone else on the reddit r/Fibromyalgia?

    I'm not dissing this forum at all but sometimes when you need an answer or talk to someone right away, its a few days in between. I suggest to go check it out if you haven't already - i'm really not a bit reddit type person, but the forum on there is great, and lots of info and plenty of other...
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    Fatigue so bad it's painful

    Pain Diary is a good idea. Here in the US depending on where you are, we do pay alot of taxes. As far as a govt health system - well the one they call obama care does nothing but gives you a piece of paper that says you have it. I had to be on obama care for 2 months.. and i couldn't see any...
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    Rib pain

    Oh geez!! Well don't hide the pain! Tell them they need to fix it. Or find a better chiro :)
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    Strange stuff

    Hey flyingWY I totally see why your doc calls it a trash term.. there are docs that just don't believe in fibro, the docs that diagnose everyone with fibro.. and then the docs that actually believe there is something wrong - IE your doc.. I've had joint pain for years now. but in the last...
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    Was down for a bit today?

    I was not able to get to the website earlier today.. Thank goodness it came back, don't need another stress! ;)
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    Fogged In

    (Wave!) Hey there, I'm new to the forum too, recently diagnosed but i've had it for some many years now. I'm also new to reaching out via forum type, or any type rather lol. The past 6mo-1year ive really started to go down hill and noticed that fatigue really starting to get to me. I have to...
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    Fatigue so bad it's painful

    Hey Mandylane, Ever since I've been laid off and now back at work, I also find my self - Zoning out.. its harder to concentrate and focus when the need is there to (IE zoning out during training is never good!) Yesterday - my little had their valentines party at school.. I stayed for most of...
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    Hey Mandylane, just curious, how did you get the generic Lyrica when its not even available yet...

    Hey Mandylane, just curious, how did you get the generic Lyrica when its not even available yet? ( i have a friend that loves lyrica and swears by it) .. and ive been trying to get it to give it a go, but my insurance doesn't want to pay for name brand - and the doc states the generic isn't...
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    Rib pain

    Hey Moe, Do you see a chiropractor? I have a rib that doesn't like me and pops out on its own.. and its one of the most painful things ever.. i usually have to have a chiropractor put it back in place. Once in a blue moon it somewhat goes back into place.. but the pain is usually unbearable...
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    My Story! Please read and respond

    Ashleynoelle - First of, congrats on being a new mom! I'm a mom to one beautiful baby, well now 4 yrs old but my pride and joy. (i'm not able to have anymore babies :( ) We all know 'googling' can be a a good thing and a bad thing. So be careful what symptoms/descriptions you get from...
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    Fatigue so bad it's painful

    Hey Mandylane, My daughter also keeps me going - if it wasn't for her i probably wouldn't be up and working or doing anything for that matter. I cant imagine having that much fatigue all the time, i'm sorry to hear that. Your not a failure being a mom, you are there for your kids, you do...
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    Remarks from doctors - that hurt real bad

    :evil: Geez! So far I've been lucky - I went to a pain specialist because of the pains I was having 2 years ago and they are the ones that diagnosed me with Fibro - and they are actually one of the first that come up in a web search for Fibro stuff , at least in my area- My normal doc is very...
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    Joint issues? Not RA/OA

    This has probably been posted before but who all has very very painful joint issues and does NOT have RA or OA? Mostly Elbows to hands and fingers.. I just want to know its not only me.. :-x:-(:shock: Sometimes its so painful I don't want to move. The major pain(flare ups?) comes and goes in...
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    Feeling Hopelessly Adrift

    I'm also a single mom, I'm a bit older (almost 38, blah) with a beautiful 4.5 year old daughter. I was diagnosed with fibro in Sept 2017 but "officially" in January 2018. I've had it for many years now and they finally gave "my mystery issue" a name. Years and years of testing, poking...
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    Recently "officially" diagnosed, hard to find people to talk to.

    I replied to your post in the numbness thread - i joined here looking to talk to others with same issues. I have yet to talk to my employer about my issues, I haven't yet reached the point where i think its affecting my work, though i feel every day i get worse and worse. Have you looked into...