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  • I'm so confused. Who's not responding to personal messages? If your sending personal notes to me, I'm not getting them.
    First go to your User CP, upper left hand corner of topic's across top of page.
    Click on that and your information options opens up. The list is down left side of page.
    Go to Settings and Options, under this heading find Edit Options, and click on it.
    Scroll down to Private Messaging
    (Check box) for Enable Private Messages

    Go down to Visitor Messages
    If you want to (check box) that says limit usage of visitor messages to Contacts and Moderators.
    If you don't you can receive messages from anyone. Go to bottom of page and check save changes.

    Once you have done this you will see a place on left side of your page that says send a new message,
    click on that and a page opens where you can send a private message.
    I'm sorry to hear that you take it easy I looked around you will have to show me private

    Don't use the one I posted it's not fake but not used or checked much take your time and get feeling better

    My doctor don't listen to me my wife his clinic has a message your doctor system nothing

    I only stay because he's good at the rest follow up blood tests plus narcotics crackdowns force me to stay or risk losing what I

    Do have thats why I put up with him and his ignoring everything and everyone I have made long letters drug usage etc

    My hands have arthritis like symptoms so allot of work he takes one look tosses aside

    He is one of those 50 50 doctors 50 percent great care testing sending to specialist mri all that then

    50 percent tunnel vision only fibromyalgia no other disorders just got to say o well and be thankful for

    What you can get take care hope you feel better soon
    i will need you to set up private msg as i would like to give you my personal emai address. when we talk in visitor msg everyone can see it. there is a post out there telling you how to do it.
    today is not a good day for me at all. one hour ago i was standing in my back yard with my dog and my legs gave out on me. i fell to the ground and hurt my rib under my arm. i laid there for a minute and tried to get back up i fell to the ground again. i was stupid and did not have my cell phone with me to call my wife to come out and help me inside the house.
    i want you and your wife to start that daily log book and keep it going. it's important to prove what you are telling your doctors. this way they will listen to you as you have dates and times.
    Man this sucks I had to edit most of the post below word limit sorry *****y grouchy lol I had a good conversation

    had to cut most of it have to remember that and do it like phone texting half half half �� my wife hates me when I get chatty

    My dam phone wouldn't stop buzzing in my cubord she's a lead day care teacher
    Thanks I may stay around for just that reason

    I just don't get user run my first time on one and I hate it

    Like I said one post I understand

    But another was diagnosis they were talking about touch points

    Like my specialist said that's a baloney way I can use my martial arts and give any one millions of tender spots

    Beats me must be I'm a man and didn't like my answer 😁

    So how you been feeling? How's things been going for you

    Me I have been in a really grouchy mood but taking it easy
    Getting tired of my doc not listening to my specialist and his recommendations

    Also it's one of my depressed times I focus to much on what I have lost and am loosing

    I just get in these ruts then back to normal trying to focus on new things I can do

    Bipolar disorder and depression really screw with trying to be positive and find the good and look for new things I can do

    Well I hope it's going OK for you

    Take care thanks for the strength you share
    Please try to control your choice of words in your posts. This forum while we encourage venting if it helps you to do so, also does not allow the use of swear words or violent actions. Our forum tries hard to be uplifting and helpful and not a scary spot where beginners might be turned off by bad words or hateful talk.
    I hope coming here helps you and in turn you can help us maintain a safe forum for all who come here. :)
    i totally understand you wanting to do search and rescue tonight. im so glad you are listening to her.
    it's best that you wait until morning and stay out of the way right now. then you can get to the red cross and see what you can do. please dont over do it. we dont want you hurt. your a good man and we know it. stay calm and reduce your pain. im sure your not getting sleep tonight. try to rest before you go to red cross. god bless you!
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