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  • Hi, that support group in Lansing might be a good thing as there is nothing in my neighborhood except for a group that meets at Panetta bread and while I'm sure they are nice people, I'd like more than just talking to others with the same problems, that's what this forum is for. So, if you are still interested and the weather calls down, I would like to go.
    My current mantra: TODAY I CHOOSE LAUGHTER
    (Crying has gotten old) Deb
    This is a interesting book that I was completely saved my life, I am completely healed for 2 years and I have suffered from fibromyalgia and excruciating pain for 2 years, I took a lot of drugs, I saw a large number of rheumatologists, neurologists and pain control center, I was desperate, depressed and helpless, like many of you, I ran to helplessness and incomprehension doctors and I was very skeptical before reading this book, I thought "still a scam ..." but I've even tried natural therapies and techniques and it changed my life completely, I have no joint or muscle pain (when I was 14 spots), restful sleep, tone and energy excellent addition to any migraines or headaches, burns, restless legs and various disorders, I got my life back. This is a book written by a former fibromyalgia so she knows by heart the problem.
    You can find this book on the site
    hoping that it will help me as much as it is not incurable.
    very easy to translate.
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