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  • Dear JCS,
    I am interested in hearing from other folks who suffer with fibromyalgia and who have also suffered early symptoms of Parkinson's, Also, I noticed that you have possibly been tried on Levodopa before, is this correct? Please share with me more about each of these ponderings...early Parkinson's or Parkinson's like symptoms, Levodopa trials,and family history of Parkinson's.
    ⚑ Is it worth trying the antihistamine again for sleep breaks?
    ⚑ Analyzing the pain curve during & after table tennis:
    ⚑ Only one more game when the full Ache creeps up.
    πŸ† Yoga Nidra during & immediately after shower before thoughts come up again.
    πŸ† Yoga Nidra & prayer fixed needle pain during acupuncture in 1’.
    ⚑ 30’’ shower cd’ve worked better, irritated skin.
    πŸ† 15’’ shower later didn’t irritate skin.
    πŸ† Still pee pain after reduced evening GABA & glutamine, so try even less.
    ⚑ Reducing GABA for pee pain may end in more seizures?
    ⚑ 1 good thing about the next jab cd be less sleep breaks again.
    πŸ† Remembering twist-stretching before getting up (bed & acupuncture).
    ⚑ Clear accumulated backlash from 2 days.
    ⚑ Clear cortisole-y reaction to the acupuncture (feverish, later chattering).
    πŸ† 15’’ is enough for most cold showers, better for skin.
    πŸ† If one doesn’t work, would repeating help?
    πŸ† Eyemask only nec. in sunshine.
    πŸ† Not airing saves 1-2’, so better not to while showering.
    πŸ† That & clothes system got shower break down to 7’.
    πŸ† Cold shower got Ache of 5 πŸ”œ 2 then πŸ”œ 4 for 10’, πŸ”œ 3 πŸ”œ 2.
    πŸ† Immediate relaxation & good sleep reduced gig backlash.
    πŸ† Learning to move faster cold showering early morning despite eye mask.
    πŸ† Arranging nightwear in a set way to get them on again faster.
    πŸ† Keep almond drink in blacked out bedroom after sunrise.
    πŸ† Sit against wall for piano playing, at least at home (couch /floor).
    πŸ† Managed to repeat totally relaxed TT winning. (Pain in 5th -6th game tho)
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ Difference between HIT and MCAS (again).
    πŸ† Increased GABA again makes my eyes/face waking up harder again? (3x)
    πŸ† Increased GABA praps increased bladder pain again at night.
    πŸ† Conclusion: decrease GABA at night again, but increase in the morning.
    πŸ† Managing normal sore muscles from more sports all week, without increasing pain.
    πŸ† A cold shower added 1h deep sleep even after 8h / 8:00,
    πŸ† even 15'' was enough, instead of 20-30'',
    πŸ† 1' of cold air doesn't work at all compared to it,
    πŸ† it even takes care of worrying or exciting thoughts coming up after it,
    πŸ† does it deepen cos of my conditions or if healthy too?
    πŸ† without eye mask after sunrise can be OK, 2' quicker,
    πŸ† 20'' (after warming) stopped pain from a temperature plunge outside..
    πŸ† 10h38 sleep, up 4x (32')!!
    πŸ‘Ž My CoV antibodies are halved = 0️⃣ protection. Maybe the reason for my energy...
    πŸ‘Ž My genetically high lipid (lp(a)) has doubled.
    Double whammy: o_O :eek::oops::rolleyes:o_O:poop:
    23rd: Double table tennis, more sleep.
    24th: πŸ† 4! showers for 9h13 β€œsleep”, up 10x! (2h40)
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ Long CoV (p) = 20%, post vac syndrome (p) = 0.02%. So CoV is "1000x" more of a problem.
    πŸ† I can get up in secs now if I turn front & use elbows & knees.
    πŸ† Meal before supps makes it earlier.
    πŸ† 2 cold showers inside an hour was bad, drained heat & strained a back muscle.
    πŸ† Hot water bottle under "hunchback" re-balanced heat & strain.
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ My low fT4 is OK (thyroid).
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ acupressure under sternum targets esophagus
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ Food-names like chicory are different US/EU.
    πŸ† Morning stomach burning: almond milk, sternum & wrist acupressure, sitting upright. Earlier evening meal.
    πŸ† Resting elbows while shaving, e.g. in other hand, changing hands.
    πŸ† Brain energy up again proves sleeping 9.5h is best atm.
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ GERD: Yogendra's early morning coriander tea & exercises.
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ No full-fat cheese or chocolate, but oatmeal, yogurt.
    Aug 19th:
    πŸ† No neck problems at night any more either.
    πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ Fisetin is good for alertness, inflammation & antioxidant, maybe bad for sleep, so best try in the mornings.
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