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    Pain Pain and more pain

    Hi Brian, Welcome to the forum! It's great to have you here. I'm sorry to hear about your journey up until now, and hope that you finally get that diagnosis, and some good support from your doctors. While there are several medications that some - sadly not all - find useful for fibromyalgia...
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    Blood pressure cuff pain

    Fantastic share, mycatJack. Thank you 🌷
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    Thought I would introduce myself

    Carolyn is right - we all have to be our own advocates. Of course, finding a great doctor makes a big difference, but because we all experience something unique sometimes we have to put our detective hat on, make ourselves a guinea pig, and try things until we find a way to manage our symptoms...
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    Punished for enjoying life

    🧶🧶🧶🧶 I guess you'd best have four!!
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    Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) and fibromyalgia

    Well done, DebMarPir. I have no idea why our bodies are so strange :rolleyes: Good luck with the next round!
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    Punished for enjoying life

    Yummy! I'm ok - still kicking! I've been working so hard the last couple of weeks because we really need the money. Thought I was headed into a big flare but it seemed to right itself and I'm not feeling too bad now. That's made me feel really jammy and pleased with myself - but who knows what...
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    Where is the weirdest place you hurt? What are your strangest symptoms?

    You're so right, and it's a horrible feeling when that happens, but putting this stuff into words is really hard! I make notes before I go to an appointment, to try to figure out how to express what I need to as best I can - and then to make sure I actually spit it out and don't just go like a...
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    what ??????

    That's so sweet, Cindy. Thank you! It's wonderful that you're here - I hope it really helps.
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    Where is the weirdest place you hurt? What are your strangest symptoms?

    Friends of mine with CFS have sometimes described their fatigue as exactly like this. I don't think you're psycho at all - that's a very articulate way of explaining it! Congrats - that is exciting indeed!
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    COVID Anxiety

    Wow, you're doing so well. I hope you give yourself credit for that! I'll second what Sunkacola said; medication was a no-go for me, but for others it's absolutely the right thing to do. I think we have to feel our way as best we can with these things. Getting informed and knowing what might be...
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    what ??????

    Hi Cindy, I reallllly relate to your racing brain. I was like that for years. I cannot guarantee it will help you - we've all got all sorts of different things going on - but my "magic pill" for that was starting to take magnesium. I specifically take KAL brand Magnesium Glycinate, and it's...
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    So many questions so little answers!

    I just don't understand why you want to pull people out of this anonymous public space and into a private form of communication, gathering personal contact data along the way. Please be aware that Sunkacola is trying to safeguard all of the users here - she's not simply trying to satisfy her...
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    Hi Cindy, I'm so sorry that you're going through this - my heart goes out to you. If I can ask, what do you do for work? Is it perhaps something that you could adapt, do part-time/shorter shifts of, or do you have skills that you could use to work from home? I managed to self-create a job as a...
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    Hi, I'm new here and the last month has been a real struggle!

    Hi Chase, Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear that you've been having such a hard time. I also found conventional meds useless, and have now learned to manage my symptoms really well without them. For a long time, I was in a really bad way - mostly bed bound with a lot of pain, fog, and even...
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    COVID Anxiety

    Hi Rainbow, I only had heart palpitations as a medication side effect - now that I only take supplements, I don't get them any more. Not sure about others though! I'm only FM diagnosed, so perhaps it could be more of an ME symptom, or perhaps consulting on your prescription is a good idea. Have...