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    Pain Management with heart condition

    Hi Drummer 76! I am in the same situation re heart failure, and cannot take anything with ibuprofen or aspirin in. Paracetamol is ok, and I have an emergency supply of codeine for acute pain (which I try not to take). I agree with JayCS in that swallowing pain relief isn't a total solution...
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    Hi to all

    Thank you, NY Farmwife! Your plan is just like the one I've adopted over the past 12 years - the batch cooking included. And I've also learned not to beat myself up when I can't do the housework, when I need an hour or two's nap during the day. Learning to accept took a long time, with many...
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    Has anyone had Vagus nerve therapy?

    O thank you for this! Always great to hear about relief which doesn't involve swallowing medication! Had one session so far and this ear massage eased my gut (IBS) and my jaw and neck (FM). Am spreading the word!
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    Music recommendations

    Hi Lemon! I have gone back to my teenage years, playing The Kinks, Jethro Tull, and blues-based rock bands. Wonderfully nostalgic, often clever, quite unlike the "pop" slush around these days. Or anything baroque, especially Mozart, soothing and relaxing. But I've got to be in the right mood for...
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    Covid 19 Vaccination with FM/CFS

    Hi! Perfectly ok with dose 1 and 2 of Astra Zeneca. Booster Jab 3 weeks' ago was Moderna. Result: severe flu-like symtoms, FM flare-up, chronic fatigue within 12 hours. Slept most of 48 hours. I did mention I had fibro and was told that was not an auto-immune condition. The powers are only...
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    Burning Muscle Pain

    Sounds familiar! The upper arm pain was the first site of my fibro 11 years ago, before it spread to muscles and tendons everywhere. Just had a covid booster in upper left arm - agony! And flu-like symptoms. It's so hard finding a way between gentle exercise and not overdoing things. Sometimes I...
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    Constipation help!!

    Hi Badger! IBS means I alternate between the runs and constipation. I find sipping warm water throughout the day helps (cold water can cause spasms). Also take Movicol or Laxido when danger of impacted poo occurs, despite the fact they taste like bath water. Co codamol is notorious for causing...
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    geezo pete

    Hello, you South Wales people! I'm from Cardiff and Cardigan. In the middle of FM flare up atm and feel SO tired and unmotivated. Facial neuralgia not helping the mood. Keep thinking to better days ahead, keep pottering to make the muscles work, and keep in touch with this wonderful site.
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    Help with bras...

    Totally agree. Let it all hang out. Wash breast area and dry thoroughly twice a day to prevent fungal infection, though!
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    Bad day today

    Hi sunkacola! I am feeling the after-effects of yesterday's over-ambitious gardening. I never learn. Initially felt refreshed and muscles toned. Next morning I was limp, tired and unmotivated. I don't set "goals", now. That causes disappointment when they're not reached. But I do have an...
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    brief respite

    Hi Minilandrover. Hi everyone. My first post. Have had fm since 2010. I have good days and bad days. Once in 2012 I had a 3-day break from pain, stiffness, and all other fm annoyances. As a teacher, I was accompanying a group of pupils around a boat yard, We were on HMS Victory, The light was...