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    Newly diagnosed and very confused

    I got arrested by a cop who kept commenting in his report how stiff I looked. Cronic Fatigue made it look like I was on drugs and I got off of the DUI.
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    My eyes weep all day too. I thought it was because they were so used to crying and that they continued to weep eventhough I haven't cried for along time. Interesting.
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    Private mail?

    I don't think that it works.
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    Newbie to FM Forums

    site is a tricky because ones threads do not show up immediately. I know the feeling about what I will feel like when I get older. But I think the pain will remain the same as what we have now.
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    Fibromyalgia and breathing

    They instructed me to breath deeply and slowly from the gut when I am having trouble with pain. I think chewing tobacco had something to do with it because my mouth was occupied and I breathed shallow through my nose.
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    Is this normal?

    Sound like Fibromyalgia with Cronic Fatigue. The two go hand-in-hand. That is, they often occur together.
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    Exercise causes flair-up of pain and fatique

    Any thoughts
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    Anyone else expierience extreme upper back pain

    I used to get that feeling that the muscles in my upper back were tearing away from the bones. I was driving a lot and it eventually went away. Not that the other pain went away.
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    Lyrica anyone?

    What did you mean by run? do sprints? I have been tempted to do a sprint to break the cycle eventhough It's not recommended
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    IS Anybody Out-There

    How come the latest thread is from 9/22/2016:???:
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    Overlapping conditions, so confusing

    pardon the spelling but what your doing is called roominating/rhemination. You are trying to solve a problem in your head and you end up getting nowhere. I do it for hours just after I wake up. They say that one should try and not do it. MayoClinic in Rochester MN teach that it is unhealthy...
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    Is anybody out there?

    Is anybody out there?
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    Do i have fibromyalgia? ?

    Don't worry about the "all over" thing. My fibro is only in the lower body.
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    How many is to many?

    I take 7 prescriptions plus 3 to prevent constipation plus 2 vitamins. Any prescription drug is hard on the liver and kidneys but all my scripts are addictive and I can't imagine going off of them. That would be hell.
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    Great News

    That is really scary for me to go before the judge. I'm afraid I will not be able to convince him/her of my inability to work. In my head the delay in receiving a hearing is good news. I'm so luck that the disability from my old employer came through last year. I'm not even sure ssdi will be...