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    Impossible to Navigate

    I think when one finds him/herself in someone else shoe, they start to appreciate life better and every part of their body too. Even though you will soon get better, just imagine the people who are permanently in that state. Quick recovery to you.
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    soooo much fun

    I understand perfectly what you mean, my legs slept outside last night. They felt like they were burning up and the pain killers were not helping. Now its the time am feeling sleepy so I think after a while I will lay down for a few hours of nap.
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    Single Momming with fibro sucks

    Its hard enough being a single mother, to top it all you have fibro, you are a superwoman. My live is hell sometimes yet am married at least with some helping hand. Take heart, the beauty of being a parent is that with every year, the child grow up and soon they dont need baby siting from you...
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    Too Stressed for words

    Managing stress can be hard especially if the cause of it is something you can not discard away. Family stress is more distressing because one can not wish away family neither can we choose which family to belong. The only option is to hold on and try to be as positive as you can other wise if...
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    Its not like you have cancer.....

    I think the news of your condition was a bit much for him especially since he was still dealing with the loss of his mother. It was wise of you not to vent to him but you did it here. Just give him time to digest the news then gently talk to him about your condition because its going to get...
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    Please Help- I Must Lose Weight!

    If there was a lose wait quick formula, then many of these nutritionist would be jobless right now. I think the best way is the natural way were by your body goes through the process of loosing weight and adjusting to it without being forced. You can get many ways of loosing weight even through...
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    Naturopathic doctor claims to know what causes fibro

    Anything to take the pain away, I usually say one should try any treatment if it works, and even if it fails, at least you tried it out. If that doctor was in my country I would have tried him long time ago because nothing compares to the nightmare of not being able sleep because of pain. I...
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    muscle ache relief

    Never ever thought of such a simple pain relieve, but just like you, I will have to try it to see how it works. If one can find a pain reliever that can be used when in pain and external, I think that's even better. But I would like to know if there is any side effect if you rub the mixture for...
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    What did you do after you were diagnosed?

    When finally the doctors told me what I was suffering from, I was truly relieved because now I could manage my sickness better. I had never heard of this disease so I got my family online to dig for more information. It took a while before I completely understood the sickness and am still...
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    I'm in the dog house!

    Taking care of one dog when you are sick like that is hard work leave alone taking care of 5!. I dont see why your husband was getting furious given that you are the one left everyday taking care of that dog while he goes to work. First, it was not a planned dog but a stray so its not like he...
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    Family and Friends that don't understand

    After I found out about my situation, I become restricted with the people I associate with. I quickly realized that people dont want to believe that I am sick and expect me to do things like them. So I decided that if one was a negative force in my life, then he/she was off my bus. Only close...
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    January Is Becoming Hot And My Legs Are Complaining!

    This months seems to go on forever and the temperatures are so hot where I am. My legs feel like tree trunks and they are burning up at night. So half of my body sleeps under the bedding while the lower body sleeps uncovered. I dont know which is better because when its cold the pain is...
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    My feet!

    My heels started hurting over 30 years ago when we used to walk almost 2 kilometers to school. I thought it was because of the distance so my parents never took it seriously. Now am 40 years plus and they still hurt when I walk even short distance. I stopped telling doctors about it because I...
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    cold front=horrible foot pain

    My pain is most severe during the night especially when its cold. The few times I move around during the day, I pay with pain at night, when its too much, my husband massages with a cloth dipped in not so hot water. Its not easy and sleeping becomes a night mare sometimes making the following...
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    Do You Have Another Member In Your Family With Fibro

    Fibromyalgia is classified as an heredity disease meaning other members in your family could also be suffering from it. They may not be immediate family members but still in your family line. So far only me and my niece have this problem and may be others have but since detecting fibro is so...