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  • Exercise seems to help, but lately too much exercise makes me have more pain.
    I'm a diabetic as well and have had a heart problem since I was twenty-three years old.
    I hate the shooting pain in my foot that felt like a heart attack. I hate the pen sticking like pain
    all over my body. It feels like someone is strangling my ankle,
    That's because most of us have been where you are. When you're sick you shouldn't have to fight to find a doctor to believe or help you. It's b.s. really.
    I made it through the day. I had been told by several doctors offices that the doctors wont see me. I was having a break down. Felt like no one would help me. My PCP stopped accepting my insurance so I was looking for new PCP. I finally found one today that has an office who didnt turn me away when I said I had Fibro, so thats a start. Thanks for your concern. Its helpful to know that people care.
    Hello. Im having a very bad day and need someone to talk to. you said I could private message you but I dont know how.
    Hello, Thanks for your comments on my post yesterday. Its comforting to know I am not alone.
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