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    Brain Fog and frustration.

    So sorry that you're dealing with this. I totally get it. I have problems with my memory the way it is because I've got dissociative issues as a result of difficult stuff as a kid and adult. But also have brain fog here too and with that compounded it doesn't help at all. I feel Ya there. Also...
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    Need Support - Invalidating Doctor.

    First of all, sorry for the length of this. So I had an appointment for my fibromyalgia. I've been told I have it but was getting some more tests ran. I've never seen this doctor before. She was nice at first (and remained 'nice' throughout the appointment). I say 'nice' because some of the...
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    New to the group - looking for some input/support

    Hello to group. Don't like medicines either. Like natural route lots better here. Symptoms can be so difficult to work through. I have a lot of info and advice but have to come back later to reply better. Just want d to say hello and welcome. Supporting tou. Feel free to add/message if you need...
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    New to support group

    Also have specific triggers here as well. In fact have many many triggers as a result of C-PTSD and significant abuse history. And have found that these specific trauma-related triggers will not only illicit a PTSD/trauma response but also will trigger Fibro flare ups, IBS, migraines, and...
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    New to support group

    Prayer and mediation are used for us as well. It helps a great deal in fact. We also find that hot soaks with aromatherapy oils helps 2. Massages that the boyfriend gives also helps a ton. Marijuana helps a tons for the pain. But it might not be legal where you live. *Shrugs in consideration*...
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    New to Forum from Dartmouth MA

    I'm so glad that you finally feel validated and listened to. You deserve it. Even today there is such a stigma attached to Fibro - "You're making it up.", "Just suck it up everybody has pain.", etc and other invalidating things people attach to chronic pain in general. Or there is just plain...
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    New and nervous

    Hello. I am so sorry I had that you're struggling so much with your Fibro. I too am in therapy. Not the same kind of therapy. I've never thought of doing PT for Fibro. It makes sense though. Here with you. What do you currently do for bad flare-up days?
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    Reaching out

    Starting a logbook would be a great idea! I've found that meditation and mindfulness helps at times with Fibro fog. I am not on any medicines. I have had doctors push push push pills on me. I've been on medicines ever since I was 8 or 9 for mental health disorders and other ailments that...
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    Hello Atlana. I'm sorry to hear about all of this pain you have been experiencing. I'm so sorry. Chronic pain can be so tiring. I'm supporting you. Glad to see you're reaching out for support. Sitting with you. <3 :)
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    Just joined. (Hi!) Wondering about naltrexone.

    I understand Durga. It's very interfering with life in general. Here with you.
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    Just joined. (Hi!) Wondering about naltrexone.

    Hello Durga, I currently am not on any medicines for my chronic pain. But I respect your wishes to try it. I hope it works well for you. Supporting you on your Fibro journey. If you have any questions or need a friend to talk to feel free to message me. Blessings and peace.
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    Hello. I tried to send you a PM (private message but it says you are not able to receive private...

    Hello. I tried to send you a PM (private message but it says you are not able to receive private messages). There is a way you can set them up. Anyway, just had some stuff I wanted to tell you via private message. Also I wanted you to know you are not alone. Supporting you and your girlfriend.
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    Abuse: A Proposed Cause of FMS?

    Yes that's great. I've come across similar findings in my research.
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    EMDR? anyone tried it?

    Okay! Thank you. I guess I had mostly "Big T" trauma then for most of my life. I'm in category A. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Abuse: A Proposed Cause of FMS?

    Yes you're right. Not all people who have Fibro have been abused. I wasn't trying to say that. Sorry if it came across like that.