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  • I know we just start talking not so long ago but right now a member who seem to hate me with the passion just suddenly return along with nasty private message . My heart sunk big time along with anxiety and depression. I'm trying my hardest to brush it off right now but it's pretty tough. Sometime with fibro is just so hard to deal with people like this. I'm sorry i have to vent this to you. But if this message came out strange , i do apologize. I was out of option at the moment .
    Thanks,that helps.I guess it is a good thing,that they screen out the nuts and con person typesI hope you are having a good day!Till the next time we share thoughts,take care.
    Hi ,
    Well First of all what did you try to post? Maybe because the way you post might go against the rules so your post is being evaluation at the moment . One of the few rules I try to remember is
    That is
    1: No attaching any web site , : the reason is that this place is trying very hard to stop all free advertise troll so the rules herr are very stritct about any web address posting.

    2: Any video you wish to post will need time for them to ( the mornitor person) check through . It might take a day up to a week for them to be sure that there's no personal advertisment, clearly helpful video with no false claim, and no politic or personal motive. But in acception , you can post any search title you wish.

    It took me a while to learned the rules too . I think Might have accidentally caused the second one to being more stricted even :( . I was on penalty for a while .
    I decided to share some personal thoughts after 20 yrs of illness.It continues to make my life unlivable,in terms of a sense of enjoying all the moments that an energetic,intelligent,athletic man who's life has been hijacked and turned upside down by fibromyalgia,chronic pain,fatigue and modern medicine's failures in understanding the facts about its causes and treatments.I will try to share all of the possibilities of relief that I have learned over 2 decades of living with,and staying sane with my fellow sufferers.I have spent an incredible amount of time reading and learning about this nightmare.I am sorry to say,greed and egos rule!
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