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    Cymbalta questions

    Hello, My doctor put me on Cymbalta yesterday, took my first dose this morning. I was wondering if anyone has some insight to share. Has it helped your pain and fatigue at all? Did you have any side effects? How bad was going off it? Have you combined the Cymbalta with anything else that...
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    Frustration with Doctors

    I'm 31 and while I was only diagnosed in January I've been dealing with the pain and fatigue for probably 5+ years. I feel like I'm 85 years old most days. I know there's no cure but I just hate that people are so dismissive of how it affects us every single day, and that my doctor seems so...
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    Frustration with Doctors

    I just saw my GP for a follow-up, because the amitriptyline I was taking was not helping my pain or fatigue at all. She repeatedly questioned "my mood" and I'm so damn sick of her insinuating that this is all caused by depression. When I'm having a good day/days my mood is perfectly fine. When...