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    I think it’s just that you’re repeatedly holding or using a particular muscle in a repetitive way. For example, your foot on the accelerator has you flexing your foot, which carries muscle tension up your calf and into your flutes and low back. It’s why we’re always shifting and moving.
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    Muscle issues/sensations that Fibromyalgia can cause

    It is worth getting it checked by your doc as there is a lot of digestive/organ/important stuff in under the rib cage. I find most of my complaints are brushed off, but my doc usually checks those out, even though I’m always pretty sure they’re just muscular. You could also look for muscle...
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    Stomach inflammation???

    I can’t remember what I wrote back then, but I think what I thought was bloating was actually muscle inflammation across my diaphragm. I had tightness in my back and it felt like a band all the way around.
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    Stomach inflammation???

    It's tricky in my case. I have chronic migraine, which blurs the line between what is a fibro effect and what is my friend migraine and what is a mix of the two. Where I live, the barometric changes are almost constant. The odd week where we have some stability I feel significantly better. I've...
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    Stomach inflammation???

    That could be. I think it’s more the barometric pressure than anything. I seem to react to every change, up or down, in different ways. Up causes migraines and fatigue and down causes pain and stomach issues. Or maybe the stomach is the precursor to the migraine..... There are always so many...
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    Stomach inflammation???

    You’re probably right - whether it’s my ibs getting worse or whether all the inflammation is causing more gut cramping. I guess it’s alll muscle and tissue. I would love to get away for a bit. Right now with covid, it’s not possible. Maybe next year. Oddly, I want to go further north where it’s...
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    My doc recently clarified for me that, with fibromyalgia, I do have inflammation, it just doesn’t show up on blood tests. I was like ‘THANK YOU!!!’ I don’t know why they keep saying there is no inflammation when we clearly have it. It’s just that, for reasons I don’t understand, it doesn’t show...
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    Stomach inflammation???

    Hi all. My latest Fibro symptom is a weird stomach issue. I have Ibs, which is usually under control, but lately we’ve been in a weather pattern that sits around freezing - pouring rain some days, snow others- and it’s absolutely killing me. Lately, whenever the temp drops, no matter what I’ve...
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    Fibromyalgia book title feedback

    This is just my opinion, but I avoid books with words like ‘conquering’ and ‘solution’ in the title. I’ve been sold too many false promises over the years. I look for books that offer guides to coping, improving symptoms, offering hope, and ideas for improving my life with fibromyalgia.
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    Advice on climate for pain.

    Ugh ... I hear you. I live just north of the border in ontario. We hover around zero all winter - so pouring rain one day then snow the next and in summer humidex in the 30 + Celsius range and it’s absolutely killing me. I keep telling my family I want a climate controlled human-sized hamster...
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    Fibromyalgia and old scar tissue

    I have noticed that my scar area from a breast reduction is much more sensitive now. It gets super itchy and anywhere that my bra touches in the scar area gets really irritated - not so much painful as really sensitive - kind of bruised feeling.
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    Nausea advice

    Hi there. Apparently I’ve been on here before, because I have an account, but I’d completely forgotten. Fibro brain!!! 😳 I read through the previous post on nausea, but I’m in one of those, ‘Help, nothing’s working’ moments. I’ve had Fibro for a very long time - diagnosed about 7 years ago, but...
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    Exercise intolerance , how real is it?

    Diamond and Tipnatee have you heard of the movie Unrest? It's a documentary about a woman, Jennfer Brea, struggling with ME. She filmed the entire thing from her bed, interviewing other sufferers around the world who were also bed bound. I haven't seen it yet, but she winning a lot of awards for...
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    OMG! My eyes! My right eye kept crossing over the middle while my left stay still!

    Do you have any other symptoms? This is something I would go to emerg with.
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    OMG! My eyes! My right eye kept crossing over the middle while my left stay still!

    This sounds like something you should get a doc to check out. I don't want to scare you, but that sounds like more than fibro. Hugs.