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  • I've seen people- including a close family friend- experience relief from their fibro with a new nutrition supplement. I'd be happy to share more info if you'd be interested in look into it. My goal is to help as many people as possible find relief from their pain without medical prescriptions. I can't imagine life in widespread chronic pain

    Hi, my name is hannah and I've partnered with a company that make products that help with your condition. Its 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you so you have nothing to lose.
    I joined cause it's helped me and so many other people I know. I hate to see people suffer hence I'd love to help you. Please let me know if you might be interested.*I'm not trying to sell you stuff, just recommending.
    Many thanks.
    Hi Moe,
    I'm glad you're going to the pool! I don't need to wish you success; it is already yours!
    Children are my <3 (heart). I have loved them since forever. The very young 2ish - 6ish years old are my biggest joy. :)
    You are blessed to have grandchildren. Thanks for the insights. AND thank you for the reminder to be positive or more specifically, Think of what I can do, and not so much of what I can't.
    I simply love your quote too! CHILDREN ARE LIKE A RAINBOW, GRANDCHILDREN ARE THE POT OF GOLD. I've got to share that one with my mom. :)
    Hi Moe, I agree with you and the pool therapy is good for me no matter how I look in a bathing suit. lol Even though I'm 55, I am hoping for a cure in my lifetime too! My son is 26- talked about marriage with his girlfriend. He wants children but it will prob be 4 or 5 years before they do. My daughter is 24 in Dec. and she also wants children but not for a long time yet. I myself, was 28 before I had was pregnant with my first child. So, like mother, like daughter? I love children. I devoted my life to children. But if I have to wait too much longer I'm scared that I won't be able to really play with them. You know? Like get down on the floor and play. I have a little one that I used to nanny for and with whom I visit with sometimes. She came over about a month ago and I was able to clumsily get to the floor but couldn't stay down there comfortably for more than a half hour. :( I worry and cry inside about that prospect bc of how my body is treating me already.
    hey Moe :)
    Thanks for the welcome. I've had Fibromyalgia for 3 years. One of my doctors asked me if it is worse in the summer or the winter. I told him I really couldn't say because it seems that I am constantly developing new symptoms. When does that stop? My FM seems to continue to get worse over time. I find I am unable to do many things I used to be able to do. Sometimes its due to pain and sometimes its due to lack of energy and pain. I feel... guilty? telling you as much as I have. I've been brought up to keep it to myself because I'm just complaining and no one likes to listen to a complainer. I know this is a forum in which members can share and get support so that's what I'm here for.
    Aww that's awesome you got to watch the grand babies :) I am sure it was well worth it and put a smile on your face.

    God bless and hope you are feeling ok today. xo

    not one person has this. nor did anyone ask their doctor about it.
    ive seen and talked to over 20 doctors and no one has heard of it.
    Hey Moe,

    I sent you some private messages. Let me know if they came through :) I always think that the private messages don't go through and I forget to save them to show them as sent in my folder,

    Hope you are having a good weekend

    Hi Moe,

    I am still trying to figure out this darn site. I sent a couple messages to people the other day and it looks as though it didn't go through, or maybe it did I am not quite sure. Just wanted to say hello. Looking to chat with people that are also off work and dealing with the same things. I find myself always typing at night as I usually stress and worry alot during this time and find it comforting to read the posts and write out my thoughts. I have been off work about 7 months now and just recently approved for disability. Never in a million year thought I would be off work, but recently I could not take the symptoms I have been dealing with for so long to go on working. I find myself stressing about it constantly, and feeling guilty even though I suffer daily with chronic pain. Are you also off work and on disability? Hope you are doing well and had a good Christmas.

    Look forward to chatting with you .

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