I have had sensitive skin for almost 2 years. It feels like a constant sunburn on my torso and arms when I wear shirts. I now mostly wear a nylon blend which is extremly soft and not irritating to my skin. Normal fabrics or heavy clothing is unebearable. I know this is allodynia.
In addition I started having very tender/ achiness in both my thighs. I also feel a tightness when I walk. The doctors did every test imaginable but no answers, no major injury. 6 months after my mysterious leg pain my lower back began to hurt to a great degree and was worse when I was sitting. More tests were done and they concluded it was SI Joint dysfunction, then said it was anterior pelvic tilt issues. A couple months later I felt sciatica-like numbness and tingling in my glutes and lower back.

Its now been a year of pain. When I walk my thighs feel achy and strained, when I lay down the muscles in my glutes feel tight as well as "pins and needles" feeling. The only time I dont feel pain is when I am laying on my side and even then it is brief.

I should note that I am currently tapering off of Benzos slowly and my anxiety level has been high and I imagine there is a correlation. My cognitive difficulties when it comes to reading and watching TV are severe. I get stuck on words and sometimes they seem empty and I get distressed as a result.

Last week my pain maangement doctor told me she was stumped since my epidural pain shot did nothing and no issues on imaging test. SHe brought up Fibromyalgia and the connection to my sensitive skin issues and a possible connection to my ongoing "mystery nerve and muscle pain". She prescribed my Lyrica and after only a couple of days I am a bit perplexed. My cognitive issues are pretty rapidly clearing up to a decent degree. On the other hand the pins and needles sensation that was localized ot my back and thighs is now all over my body and it very uncomfortable. The pain level has decreased only to a small degree. My doctor told me to try it for a couple weeks and go from there.

Im new to this and would greatly appreciate any guidance, information, and support and maybe confirm or discount that I have fibro (since there is chemical diagnostic tool). HAs anyone else had similar symptomatology or progression?


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