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    Fibro and/or chronic fatigue?

    Those are closely connected that is why this is a life changing disease, we are always tired.
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    Explaining Fibromyalgia

    There are quite a few theories, but we need to realize in practice what works for us.
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    In process of getting diagnosis but I know I'm not alone.

    That's what we need to realize, we are not alone and we can fight it.
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    side pain

    Strange that it hurts just on the side, maybe some movement you make and are not aware of?
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    Fisio is not exactly the same thing as an osteopath, in fact they are quite different...
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    Is it considered healthy for a 23 year old to need a daily nap?

    If we are feeling drained we need to rest, no big question here.
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    Two weeks after diagnosis.

    Keep the head high, indeed, find the best way to deal with the disease.
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    Pain management

    There are quite a few solutions, anyone tried ice baths?
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    Baking Soda

    Low sodium can be the cause true, nothing like magnesium too to help.
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    The best medication for tendinitis is to check an osteopath for a complete treatment. Ice and rest too of course.
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    How to deal with joint pain at a standing job?

    If the body needs rest we must give it rest or else we will get worse.
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    Two weeks after diagnosis.

    It's important to know we are not alone and that we can have a decent life after being diagnosed.
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    Pain management

    Managing pain is vital as all we can do here is deal with the symptoms.
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    Methocarbamol (muscle relaxant)

    I don't have experience, but if it works for you I think that's the most important.
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    Pumpkin, really?

    Many times relieve might come from what we expect the least...