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    major changes as the weather changes?

    We had a big thunder storm the other night (12 inches of rain in 1 night) and I have been in pain for 2 days now. It's been raining off and on since the thunderstorms and will rain for another 4 days so I don't see if ending soon.
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    Extra Sensitive Skin?

    I get that skin pain all the time. I can't even handle a breeze going across my skin. Usually these episodes only last about 36 hours for me or I would go crazy. I haven't found anything that helps even ease that particular symptom. My pain specialist and my rheumatologist both said it is a...
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    Opinions about Baclofen ...

    I have a LOT of experience with baclofen. I took baclofen orally for 4 years trying to get to a dose that would control the spasticity that I have in every extremity in my body, but most severely in my right leg, which is my most effected area from my MS. It was mostly paralyzed for a while...
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    Gluten free?

    I have IBS,GERD, gastroparesis (my stomach doesn't digest food properly) MS and fibro. Many people have recommended a gluten free diet to me over the past several years. Being a family of 5, I was reluctant to take that leap. My kids are older now and can make their own breakfast and lunch...
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    Savella vs Cymbalta

    Savella is very similar to cymbalta in almost every way except it won't treat depression. I don't really have depression most of the time, so that wasn't an issue. The ideal would have been to increase the cymbalta to 60 mg, but we tried that with initial dosing and I had really Bad night...
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    Having a hard time accepting the diagnosis

    I had a hard time accepting the diagnosis too. I was told I probably had it in November first, but didn't take that as a true diagnosis until it got really bad in April and I saw the rheumatologist. I just didn't think it was fair to have aggressive MS and then get fibro on top of it. I...
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    Savella vs Cymbalta

    Has anyone ever tried Savella for their fibro pain? I've been on Cymbalta for a while. Now it just doesn't seem to be helping much. My neuro wants to increase it to help my migraines and to help my sleep (I only sleep about 4 hours a night) but when we have tried that, I get really bad night...
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    Working Or Not, What Type of Work?

    I have been unable to work since prior to my diagnosis with MS in 2007. I used to be a pediatric nurse. I quit working in October 2006, initially due to pain, but then because of waling difficulty, weakness on my right side, then I was having memory issues. I qualified for SSI disability in...
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    Sex and Fibro

    When I was first diagnosed with MS, my husband and I had a difficult time adjusting. We had a healthy, regular sex life, although I never really had a very strong sex drive. I was having problems with low back pain, urination that required self catheterization, and sensation issues to my...
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    gabapentin and weight gain

    I had a lot of trouble with weight gain on gabapentin. For me, it wasn't that effective against the MS nerve pain. I have not tried it for the fibro pain though.
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    Sometimes my clothes literally hurt my skin

    I have that all the time. It's called allodynia. It is painful reaction to stimuli that isn't usually painful. When I have it, I can only wear skirts, I prefer long sleeves with soft jersey cotton although it's really hot right now, so that isn't good. I get goosebumps easily, even in the...
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    Do you think fm gets "exposed" by trauma?

    My fibromyalgia symptoms started a few months after I had surgery to have a baclofen pump placed to treat the severe spasticity I have from my MS. The surgery was harder on me than expected. I had a reaction to the anesthesia and vomited for 12 hours. Then I couldn't walk at all when I had...
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    New Painer Person..

    Welcome. I am also new. I'm new to fibro myself, but familiar with the disease as my sister-in-law has had it since 1996. I'm with the others. I"m a nurse and I have no idea what you mean by physically dangerous to be untreated.
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    rapid weight gain

    Both Lyrica and amytriptilin will cause weight gain that you cannot control. You could be almost anorexic and gain weight with those drugs. There was nothing you could have done. It was a losing battle as long as you were on those drugs. Gabapentin may not be any better, but it is only one...
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    My Intro

    There are overlapping symptoms with MS and fibro. The fatigue and the fog are the same in both. I had been dealing with the fatigue for a very long time. I had it with the MS and before. I worked nights as a nurse before MS. I almost never slept. My mantra was "I'll sleep when I'm dead"...