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    How you doing? Getting through it I hope!
    Thanks for asking, Grumpy. I am hanging in there. How about you?
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    I'll tell you after my run. *wince*
    started Cymbalta (20mg 2x a day) 3 wks ago, pain has reduced a little, my frfog is better, I developed an itchy rash & still have problems sleeping. I go back to the dr tom not sure what will happen. the reduction in pain has allowed me to a least walk and exercise a little. I use willow bark lotion to deaden the pain dr said take Aleve but my stomach can't handle it. Any advice is much appreciated.
    Me again Sunkacola, just letting you know that I have actually found your post & I read it before but had forgotten I had, which meant it was a Fibrofog day or just me being forgetful, so pretty much par for the course.
    I'm still looking for a natural sleep remedy that works, as nothing I have tried so far does.
    Can't write anything I had 4 sentences and they keep saying I had more than 420 characters
    420 characters = letters/numbers etc., so you have to keep it down even more to write in profile posts :) = 106
    Hi sunkacola... Any idea why I suddenly "have insufficient privileges to answer here" in all areas? o_O Or what I have to do to be able to talk again...? ;-)
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