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  • Hey, looks like you don't have private messaging turned on, it's in settings if you did want it!
    I know how you feel the- Ive been having a horrible flare for over 2 weeks now... Seems like the end is no where in sight!
    Sorry far as suggestions, what did you have in mind? Like medication wise?
    Zanaflex will only do so much.. For me, it doesn't touch my muscle spasms, all it does is make me sleepy... So I only take it before bed.. My Dr also has me on a few other medications and narcotics are on that list for breakthrough pain... Not sure how your Dr feels about stuff like that.. I have them because I have more than just fibro going on... My body is a mess of pain lol.
    Does heat work for you? If so, I'd lay with a heating pad on your neck or back.. Also, take a hot bath with some Epsom salts, I like lavender because it's a relaxing scent, that will help with relaxing your muscles. Over the counter medications will only do so much.
    Let me know how it goes and if you had anything more specific in mind!
    I hope you feel better! Hugs!
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