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  • A Reminder that Light will Find Us

    Beauty in Weeds

    They were useless
    Planted in shade
    So for many years
    There they laid
    Amidst the growth
    And all the green
    Waiting, hoping
    To be seen

    The Sun saw them
    From way up above
    And showered upon them
    All his love
    Now beauty grows
    Where once were weeds
    And just the sprouting
    Of some seeds
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    It is just in me I suppose! Some people enjoy mastering an instrument (would love to) and then others enjoy mastering words and I am one of those :)This poem was written in 7th grade before I had a chance to discover the poetry of some greats. Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox really resonated with me in 12th grade.
    Thank God it doesn't often reflect what I feel these days but it is a poem that I suspect we have all felt in our lives at some time. Whenever I find writing that sufficiently encapsulates something then I read and reread it. Though I love words they are usually clumsy attempts to capture and share an experience!
    Thus I find myself using more words than the average person hahaha. I started to read your blog-was going to comment but I had to sign up for an account and was too tired. I am going back to it though so watch out for some word ninja comments!
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