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    About that, with the oral supplements. I am not sure how much the lotion adds to the dosage. But yeah, I haven't noticed much from it either. Maybe it's more of a part of the good nutrition we need and it's not going to be an immediate painkiller or anything, but it will help our bodies heal...
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    new treatment breakthroughs

    I have been doing a lot of reading about new breakthroughs in fibro treatment. Some of them include using a medication that is for alcoholics and opiate users to help block the effects of the drug in their brain so they can stop using them. It's called LDN or naltrexone. People have had great...
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    Hello, just signed up today. 😊

    Hi, I know that Cymbalta and Lyrica are the main drugs prescribed for fibromyalgia. I have been told by doctors that Lyrica has the more extreme side effects. If you are having eye symptoms, you definitely should keep up with your doc's advice and I might even think about switching meds. For...
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    When I sit it feels like my nerves are being compressed

    I have a lot of pain in my legs and buttocks when I sit down. It's been my main "area" of pain for about 7 months. Before that it was pelvic pain, which was..indescribable. Fibromyalgia can affect literally any part of the body. My pain moves around from place to place, although once it's there...
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    Noe excepting Fibro very well

    I also feel like no one cares when I talk about it anymore. My husband, friends, family... they just change the subject. but it's my whole life and consumes my whole body and everything I am. "Normal" people just do not get it and they never will, which is why I am here.
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    how much pain do i have to bear

    I was diagnosed at a pain management center. I would go there, because you ususally don't need a referral. For pain people - I will say this. DO NOT LET YOUR DOCTORS BOSS YOU AROUND. THEY ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF YOUR BODY. YOU ARE. I have had doctors condescend me and diagnose me with crazy...
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    I take supplements and use a magnesium lotion made for fibromyalgia. To be quite honest.. I haven't noticed a difference yet. Maybe I feel calmer, but it's hard to say. Magnesium is really good for the body and most people with fibromyalgia are low in it, so I would keep taking it as long as you...
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    Diagnosed Yesterday

    i had to stop Cymbalta after 4 days. You may want to google it and look up "cymbalta withdrawls" bc they are pretty horrific. i decided the side effects weren't worth it for me, not to mention the hell that other people have suffered when trying to come off it.
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    tips for moving forward

    Hi, I have been having intense, horrible, crippling pain for two years but was somehow just diagnosed recently. I was told "pelvic pain" "back problems" "piriformis syndrome" etc, etc. i have done a lot of reading about fibromyalgia. I currently take magnesium (lotion and pills), vit. D...
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    CBD Oil = MAJOR improvement

    I ordered mine online. it seemed very safe and reputable.
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    CBD Oil = MAJOR improvement

    I just got some!!!! after doing research I decided it was the next thing I wanted to try. Got here two days ago, I've take it once. it does taste awful but whatever. will update with results
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    Sometimes its overwhelming

    I am in the same boat. I am 24, married, started out life after college super optimistic and hopeful. Started a new job, pain started within 3 months. This was 2 years ago and I'm at a new job now because pain got so bad I had to quit. I used to consider my life ruined, and still sort of do, but...
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    Apparently it never gets better. You just learn to deal with it.

    I echo the thoughts and feelings of everyone on here. I feel totally isloated and alone all the time even though I am married and have friends and family. No one understands and when someone complains about something trivial, I just want to punch them. No one has any idea what this is like...
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    Newly Diagnosed - Don't know if I can deal with this level of pain!!!

    Hi, I am newly diagnosed too, but I have had pain for two years. I thought I was dying for much of that time. It is true that everyone has different treatments. And some people have AMAZING results. From what I hear, but haven't experienced yet since this is new to me too, 1. MANY fibro people...
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    Hey guys I'm Sophie, 24, I've had fibro for 2 years, only been diagnosed for about a month. What this means is that I've had a LOT of pain and almost no treatments because no one knew what was wrong with me. My pain seems to cling to one or two areas of the body, so I would get diagnosed with...