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  • Hi again Tina, Just to let you know I went to the Lawyers today, It is going to cost alot of money to hire her and to pay Doctors for letters about my illness. She said by the time I finish with all the payments it could be about $10.000 and I may not even get that back from disability. Her advise was to do it without a Lawyer. So I am totally on my own with this appeal. How is it going for you? I hope things are well. gentle hugs!
    Hi Tina last time I talked to you, You were applying for disability. Did you receive anything? I hope your doing well
    Hi Lana I just received my letter saying that the Tribunal will look at my file. Now I just have to wait and see if they will reverse the other decisions,schedule a hearing or say no. This part is the longest apparently. Hope you are doing well.
    Hi Tina, I picked up my Disability form today, Thursday I am seeing my Doctor to start the ball rolling. Not a happy feeling doing this I wish it was all a dream. Hope you are doing well, nice to hear from you again.
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