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  • Thank you Haen . I have and have been and will always be.

    As far as evolving , I think I'm on reverse evolution. Caveman's style of diets and medicines.
    Hi Tipnatee... The one thing I’ve learned with FMS is is have to adapt, you have to evolve and never give into yourself. The day that you do that is they day that go down a rabbit hole you’re not likely to get out of. I evolved I adapted and I’ll do the same again with CFMS. Set yourself daily goals and look in the mirror every morning. Put a POST IT on a mirror saying as below...

    I will adapt
    I will evolve
    I will succeed
    I will get better
    Hi,I hope you are having one of those infrequent good days\nights!I really enjoy reading your blogs and hope to share many thoughts with you in the future.I have a question which I have tried to solve myself with no luck and I have not been able to get help from the site.I did not know who to ask.For some reason,I can not start a new thread.Everything seems to be going ok,but it does not get posted.I have so many questions to ask other members,you included.Can you run down the way you do it,so I can compare how I do it?Thank You,you are my favorite member because of your sweet and honest personality,you are a breath of fresh air!
    I've seen people- including a close family friend- experience relief from their fibro with a new nutrition supplement. I'd be happy to share more info if you'd be interested in look into it. My goal is to help as many people as possible find relief from their pain without medical prescriptions. I can't imagine life with chronic pain or fatigue
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