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  • Hello everyone I'm just sending out this note to see if anyone has experience with noise intolerance. I'm on some new meds and have found that I can't hear well ( I know that's not from fibro ) but I'm having a hard time being around any noise at all. My kids voices are hard on me and I find myself always shhh ing them. Not sure if I'm just getting old, if its a side effect to the meds or if its a symptom of fibro. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Hi I'm new to the site and fibromyalgia. I'm not new to pain as I've been suffering (undiagnosed) for years. I was recently put on Cymbalta and felt relief however it's been a month and sadly I'm feeling my hotspots getting bad again. It's exhausting hurting all the time while trying to ensure the family is all happy, the boss is happy and all the people in my life are ok (I'm a person who always puts others first). I have joined this forum to gain knowledge and to hear others stories and know that I'm not crazy and alone. Thanks to all who listen and thanks to all who offer great advice. Take care.
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