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  • Hi tSkip.
    I just read your post "24 y/o male with fibromyalgia-related symptoms" and since the thread is closed I thought to write to you directly.
    I completely understand what you´re going through. I've had a variety of symptoms since I was very young, and several diagnoses over the years. One of these was fibro. My case has been called "highly atypical" by doctors, and in addition to the leg pain, I've suffered from emotional disorders and a relentless brain fog, in addition to a constant feeling of discomfort.
    Something very striking about your case is the eye discomfort you mention. In my case I constantly have a mild pressure in my left eye but the worst and strangest symptom is some pain and difficulty rotating my eyes within the sockets. I've found these eye symptoms to be associated with migraines, and they are all slowly improving with physical therapy.
    Do you find it hard to rotate your eyes? Do you have headaches or migraines?
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