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    Losing my mind,my man,my family, my job etc

    Hi Katrina, My family didn't believe me at first either, especially my Mom. This is extremely hurtful and isolating. But, you cannot give up. I KNOW it is hard-but you must keep on trying to find ways to cope. I eventually learned that I was the best judge of what I can tolerate- be it...
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    On disability and looking for advice/support :(

    Hello Lyndsey. I am not on disability but haven't worked since 2012. I left my highly stressful job to go back to school when the symptoms I had been experiencing for years led me to a rheumatologist for a diagnosis in 2013. I live in a state in the US with a notoriously low disability...
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    Fibro and the flu

    Hi, thanks for both of your replies. It's now day 7 and I have bronchitis as a result of the flu. My PCP gave me an antibiotic which is not helping my digestive problems. I am exhausted beyond belief but my insomnia has kicked back in with a vengeance. If I had the energy, I would love to...
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    Fibro and the flu

    Hello, I was formally diagnosed about a year ago and really appreciate the insight and encouragement that I get from reading/sharing this forum. Unfortunately, Santa brought my family type A influenza for Christmas- 8 of my 11 dinner guests now have the flu. I haven't had the flu myself in 20...
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    New here, hello!

    Welcome Kerrie. I hope you find the help and support that you need from this forum. Hang in there!
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    Is anyone else worse in the morning?

    To answer your question, I am most tired in the morning, then at night, I usually feel good in the afternoons.
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    Is anyone else worse in the morning?

    I feel horrible in the morning, like I never slept. Afternoons are best for me, but I am trying to find the balance between taking advantage of my good time and not overdoing it. Fatigue sets in again in the evenings and does not seem to be as bad for me as the mornings. I wish my family and...
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    New to the forum and not yet diagnosed

    Welcome to the forum Neko. I sympathize with your situation as I too had problems with fibro fog while taking accounting classes a year ago. This was before my fibro diagnosis and I was very scared by my inability to grasp new concepts. Since being diagnosed I have noticed that poor quality...
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    Having bad day

    Ella, I am happy to hear you are doing a little better...I find that resting as much as possible and leaning on my husband for help gets me through the really tough days. Please continue to let us know how you are doing. Tucker's Mom
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    Welcome Diana. It is very helpful to have a resource like this forum. I do not know anyone else with fibro so it is helpful to read fellow sufferers posts and to have the ability to ask questions or just vent. I am glad to see that your husband is so supportive, I am blessed to have my...
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    Looking for a fibro doctor in DE

    Here is a follow up to my request. Delaware is a small state and I have called around looking for a new rheumatologist to treat me without pharmaceuticals. I have been told repeatedly by the office staff at various rheumatology practices that I have called that in my state once a Fibro...
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    Hello All

    Welcome fibrodoc, I notice that several of us are looking for help finding doctors who specialize in fibromyalgia. Do you know of any website or organization that we could use to find fibro specialists where we live? This would be a great help. Thanks!
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    Hi drea, I am new to this group but I can totally relate to how you feel. My own Mom did not believe the fibro diagnosis my rheumy gave me which is ironic since my Mom recommended this doctor to me. I have stopped telling my friends how I feel when I am asked because they quickly change the...
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    New Member Hello

    Hello moonbi and welcome! I don't know anyone doing research but I am curious as to how you know when your fibro began. I think mine began when I fell and suffered a compression fracture in my back several years ago. My symptoms began not long after and have gradually increased over time...
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    Fibro fog

    For me it is the inability to comprehend things. I first started noticing my fibro fog when I was taking an Accounting course, before I was even diagnosed. I spent hours trying to grasp a new concept and had to keep reading the chapter over and over. It actually made me scared. After being...