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    Lower leg/Foot pain

    I will try that, thank you. I've been trying to stretch more for my back so I will add this in. I could stand to lose some weight and I am mentally motivated, but I am either hurting or I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. I'm going to call my doc and check in and ask her about my feet...
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    Lower leg/Foot pain

    Hey all, I have a question. Why are my feet hurting soooooo bad? Especially my heels. It feels like I've been standing or walking on concrete all day, and when I go to bed my lower legs and feet just ache. Backstory, (which I know is part of it but not all of it) all those sports and...
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    Hallooooo everyone

    HI. :) Just found this site and yeaaaa, because I am having a hard time adjusting to being on the other side of this. I was an LMT for almost 12 years and I had many clients with Fibro so I know a fair amount about it. I have another layer sympathy for all those clients now that I have it...