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    Tingling face?

    Hi, I have also been having tingling and numbness, it can be scary! All day Sunday I was feeling faint and unable to eat anything. Was up all Sunday night with such a bad headache and dizziness and then on Monday morning I was vomiting and my partner called out the paramedics and they did BP...
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    No I have not tried it.

    No I have not tried it.
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    Not too bad today thanks. Had to go to hospital last Friday as I felt ill had an ECG and found I...

    Not too bad today thanks. Had to go to hospital last Friday as I felt ill had an ECG and found I had a fast heart beat. Been sent for blood tests. See osteopath weekly and he does cold needling which I find really helps.
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    Digestion problems

    Hi, I am the same, been really bad the last few weeks. With IBS have constipation one day then diarrhea for a few days. Acid reflux also seems to give me a sinus type headache and as you say a sore throat. It makes you feel so miserable especially with the neck and arm pain as well.
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    Covid 19 Vaccination with FM/CFS

    Hi, I am 66 and live in London. I had my first pfizer jab on the 18th February. The day after I started to get diarrhee really badly and on the Saturday morning I felt terrible, the worse headache I have ever had and felt as though I was going to faint, this lasted right until Monday morning...
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    Hello from Ireland

    Hello, I am so glad you posted this message as I can honestly say I get these symptoms, always wondered why I was getting funny noises from my stomach. Like you the past 2-3 weeks have been terrible and yesterday was a very bad day. I go to an osteopath every week and he does cold needling...
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    In the process of getting a diagnosis, do you have the same?

    Hi, I am getting exactly the same as you, especially the face and eye pain and bad headaches. I do suffer from sinus problems which I have been told that fibromyalgia sufferers are inclined to suffer from sinusitis. My head always seems worse when I lay down. I was put on a course of...
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    Sudden recurrence

    Hi all, You are not alone. I have had 3 really good weeks, but since yesterday things have been bad. Headache over my eyes, pains all over my face and a sore throat at times and a burning face, I do suffer from sinus so this could be the problem. I have been taking amptriplene since June...
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    Does anyone get a pain in both sides of their head? I have been having this recently and it always seems worse when I have IBS or trapped wind, this also makes me feel very lightheaded and as though I am going to faint. I do not have it everyday, I go to an Osteopath who says it is to do with...
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    Yes, I always seem to have an headache, although I do suffer from sinus infections. Just recently the pain extends to my ears, face and throat.
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    ribs and chronic pain

    HI, I have had this rib pain as well for many months and at times it goes right across my boobs, has anyone else had this? My osteopath has said this is caused by the fibro and osteoarthritis in the neck and he said there seems to be a lot of tension in my diaphragm, I do find after a weekly...
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    Chest Pressure

    Yes afraid it is. I do get good days without any pain but other days it is frightening. Bad headaches and feeling sick, don't know what to do for the best. Am now trying a Tens machine for the pain, which has a very good write up. X
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    Chest Pressure

    Hi, I have had this for months on and off and doctor and osteopath both say it is Costo. I find it worse after a bowel movement. Also have lightheadiness a lot.