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    Muscle Twitching and More!

    I can relate to the electrical sensations, dripping, and twitching. I have fibro, but initially I started with sciatica in my left leg and I had a Morton's foot neuroma. Then, I had a cortisone shot in for the neuroma and two weeks later after walking a few miles I took a shower and when I...
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    Fibromyalgia pain

    I feel I can relate in some way. I have fibro and I had several foot neuroma surgeries. My feet are a mess - the nerves and scar tissue causes awful sensations in my feet. I can't drive anymore either because of the discomfort and the inability to bend the feet etc in certain ways to do...
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    Fibromyalgia and Rib Pain

    Hi - I used to get a lot of problems with my ribs which sounds similar to me. In my particular case, my physical therapist used to work on my intercostal muscles. That helped a lot - at least temporarily. I hope this helps some.