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    Flare-Ups & Work (Ranting)

    I have been having the start (or worsening of) a flare-up for the past three days. It seems like I am always in a flare-up since I was diagnosed a year ago. I work full time as a private security sergeant and go to school part-time. I have been trying for three days to get someone to cover my...
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    Diagnosed in August

    Luckily, my actual doctor is kinder and more compassionate and he confirmed the diagnosis shortly after. I have been debating filing a complaint but now it is so far past that day that it seems to not make sense to me.
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    Headaches and other symptoms

    Oh my gosh, I totally get it. We have gone from 80 degree days to 20 degree days and my body is killing me. I am also finding that I have a headache every single day. When the weather is extreme, I notice more severe symptoms. I am actually currently in a flare up because of the sudden 3...
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    Diagnosed in August

    I guess August isn't super recent. I also had a rough experience like most of us here. At 22, no one believes me that I have fibromyalgia. Even the doctor I saw gave air quotes around this condition. I had symptoms since August of 2017 after a severe upper respiratory infection. I never...