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  1. twiztc

    Fibro Caused by PTSD?

    I had Fibro years before my trauma but my new clinic Dr pointed out that I have got a lot worse since I faced the possibility of death especially as I wasnt really treated properly for my PTSD and may still be suffering from it on some level. I'm supposed to go to a psychologist but it's like...
  2. twiztc

    Good Day To You All!

    Have been tied up with lots of appointments the last few weeks. My new Fibro clinic sent me for a sleep study which resulted in a barrage of heart and lungs tests. I'm still awaiting the results. The stress and worry of all that has made me a bit up and down like a yo-yo days. At least the...
  3. twiztc

    Do you trust alternative medicines?

    Like someone's said what do you consider alternative. I am suspicious of all treatment. Even doctors can be subsidised by pharmaceuticals. Vitamin and suppliment companies are as huge as them too. They are all, at the end of the day after your money. If they can convince you that you need it...
  4. twiztc

    Has anyone gone into remission with Fibro or chronic fatigue syndrome?

    I went into a sort of remission not long after I first moved to Canada in 2008. I still had a flare Every now and then but they never lasted more than a couple days and were not as severe. I hope you have a nice long remission and there have been a few cases where it never comes back as bad as...
  5. twiztc


    I haven't really noticed a lot of difference in my overall well being between high sugar days and low sugar days. I crave sweet things a lot but trying to keep my weight down so resist the urges to eat sweet things. I do treat myself at weekends. If I do go on a sugar binge the only thing it...
  6. twiztc

    Does Fibromyalgia keep you from dancing

    I was always a dancer. Me and my sister would always be the first on the dance floor and the last ones off. That was back when I was younger than twenty. I'm still very much a jigger but these days do it sat down or braced against a wall
  7. twiztc

    it seems I may have found a wonderful doctor

    Yeh sorry Rose. This place is in Bolton, Caledon, Canada. It's called the Fibro pain clinic and are on facebook.
  8. twiztc

    it seems I may have found a wonderful doctor

    Not a family doctor but a specialist dedicating this new clinic in Bolton to Fibro and the similar afflictions. I had my initial appointment with her today and I can't express how wonderful it was not to be met with that look of indifference or distain that you can get with others in the...
  9. twiztc

    Life partners & Care givers

    I have a both sides of the fence perspective. For twenty years I was the caregiver to my then husband. He had other medical conditions but it meant I had a lot of running around after him. He was nearly twice the weight of me but I still had to man handle him around at bath time and things like...
  10. twiztc

    just have to tell you this- made me laugh

    FIBRONAUGHTS a term my hubby came up with to describe us all. laughed my pants off for some reason. so what name could you come up with to describe us as a collective?