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    Hi Both, Thank you so much for all your kind words. I wish I could be selfish for a while and I am trying to make more time for me. With a business to run theres not much me time. It very well may be the change in weather. Im in england where we've had the hottest summer and now we're...
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    Hi, I don't come on here that often but i'm in need of some perspective. I have been having what I call a flare up and im scared. Its been ongoing for the last 2 weeks and usually I can snap out of it or fix myself but this time I feel like i've just gone numb. Nothing hurts, everything is...
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    fight or flight

    I recently had fibro explained to me in the sense that fibro was fight or flight response in the brain that can't turn makes sense...i think ? has anyone else had it explained to them as this and does this make sense to you?
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    Family/friends reaction to fibro/cfs

    I struggle with this topic, my partners are very understanding and thankfully fill in the gaps on our business when I struggle. My family on the other hand don't know. I have also chosen not to tell any of my staff/work colleagues about my diagnoses. I do struggle with this sometimes as I feel I...
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    Having a flare & can’t think straight

    this is the type of pain i have most commonly. I would advise staying away from heating gels or this in my experience enhances the burn. I tend to just strip to nothing towhere the pain is I.e. taking trousers off if Pain is in my legs and breathing through the pain... find a position...
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    Lady gaga

    I have watched this in the UK and I found it inspiring. She was never someone that i paid attention to before but she is a women after my own heart, not letting her condition interfere with her life! I myself have a very stressful and full on job but I try not to let the pain get to me. I would...
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    Has anyone tried acupuncture to relieve pain? I have heard mixed reviews but would love to know others opinions on the matter :?:
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    looking for help...

    Hi everyone, I have decided to join a forum to find like minded people to help and support. I was diagnosed with CFS in 2012 and Fibro in 2017 but I starting to run out of stamina to keep pushing forward. I am mainly hoping someone has some kind of magic that can help me keep working and keep...