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    Low Dose Naltrexone

    Hi, my GP doesn't, but the pain clinic does. It has to be compounded since naltrexone does come in the very low doses needed for fibromyalgia. We have several compounding pharmacies where I can get it. It will cost about $30/month, unless I can get my insurance to cover some of it. My GP will...
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    You're doing so much by just supporting your friend and listening. A good friend is great tonic. Thanks for caring.
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    Where to turn

    Krista, have you tried looking for a psychiatric nurse practitioner? I couldn't get an appointment with a shrink either, but found the NP to be available. If you feel like suicide is an option, please call 911. I've been there, don't give up. You can also call your local mental health or suicide...
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    Low Dose Naltrexone

    Once I finish getting Cymbalta out of my system, I'll be dropping Tramadol for LDN. I've been doing a lot of research and this just seemed to be the right step for me. I'm hoping it will make a difference. Paris, I don't envy the Ativan withdrawal. Cymbalta withdrawal is a nightmare as well.
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    Is my wife's treatment effective?

    Keeping a pain diary is an excellent idea to help you find out what makes the pain worse. My normal is a 4/5 of 10 on my best days, climbing to 8 of 10 on bad days, and occasionally over the top. Everyone seems to experience symptoms differently. If your wife is getting this much relief with a...
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    Bilateral pain and burning

    Sounds like my body. I think this is a common fibro battle. Wish it weren't. Hugs.
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    I wouldn't steer her in that direction. There are a lot of things you can do that are not drugs. Exercise, diet, massage, supplements, medical marijuana, Epsom salt baths, meditation and yoga, to name a few. There are no magic cures, but every little bit can help.
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    Discontinuing Cymbalta--Ugh!

    I'm doing the capsule thing now. Dropping my dose in half was crazy. Still struggling, but looking forward to clearing this from my body. I'm never without a glass of water or my water bottle. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
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    My doctor says it's what I have, waiting for confirmation from a specialist.

    If you start with an open mind, I believe you can manage it. It will likely take a while to find the best combination of meds, supplements, vitamins, and exercise to manage the symptoms. Some folks say they are pain free. I'm not, but it's manageable. Others struggle tremendously. Don't lose...
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    Pain in upper body ribs spine shoulder blades arms

    Stretching in the shower is great. My morning stretches are a take off from my cat. Arms, legs, hunching my back, laying on my back and stretching my entire body. I start with a gentle stretch and do more if my body says yes. As for yoga, look up restorative yoga. Great for stress and pain...