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  1. Affinity

    Yesterday I felt really good

    Hi everyone, I just want to document that yesterday I actually had a good day with minimal fibro pain. I want to remind myself that even after 6 weeks of a flare up I can still have pretty good days come back! My fibro pain is usually mostly in my hands and feet and arms, and it's such a...
  2. Affinity

    Favorite Exercises

    Hey all I thought it would be nice to start a discussion of favorite forms of exercise. I know that often I am challenged to be consistent due to pain and other issues but I find that having a variety of activities helps me stay more active. As far as I know exercise is the only thing that has...
  3. Affinity

    Considering medication

    Hello lovelies, I would love to hear your positive and negative experiences in trying mediation, especially for Cymbalta and/or Lyrica. I have been managing my fibro symptoms for years now and they come and go. Sometimes it's all okay and other times it's really very challenging. Lately it...